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Requirements of high-speed stamping bearing seat on relevant parts of the host machine

requirements of high-speed stamping bearing seat on relevant parts of the host machine: idler accessories high-speed stamping bearing seat requires that the rotation system where the stamping bearing seat is located undergo precise dynamic balancing, and the parts of the bearing seat where the stamping shaft is installed between the shaft and the seat hole in 2018 should have dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy higher than the general requirements, especially the coaxiality and the verticality of the shoulder to the seat hole or journal, This is very useful when designing parts that must be suitable for other objects, and when considering these problems, we must also pay attention to the high-speed factors and high-temperature factors during the operation of the pressed bearing pedestal

the shaft support system should not only make recycling possible, but also require high rigidity and light weight. In order to overcome this contradiction, measures such as reducing surface roughness and improving surface strengthening can be taken to improve the support stiffness, and hollow shafts can be used to reduce the system quality

information parameter setting information source: Xianxian Xingwang transportation machinery factory

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