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Requirements of gear oil pump for mechanical seal

working principle of mechanical seal mechanical seal, also known as mechanicalseal, is a dynamic seal for rotating shaft The mechanical seal has reliable performance, small leakage, long service life and low power consumption It does not need frequent maintenance, and can adapt to production process automation and high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, high speed and various strong corrosive media Sealing requirements for harsh working conditions such as media containing solid particles Mechanical seal is a shaft seal device that prevents leakage by maintaining a pair or several pairs of end faces that are relatively lubricated perpendicular to the shaft under the action of fluid pressure and the elastic force * (or magnetic force) of the compensation mechanism and matching with auxiliary seals The requirements of gear oil pump for mechanical seal, the comparison between mechanical seal and soft packing seal is as follows:


1) the seal is reliable, the sealing state is very stable in long-term operation, and the leakage is very small, which is about 1% of the soft packing seal:

2) the service life is long, and it can generally reach 1~2 years or more in oil and water media Generally, it works in chemical media for more than half a year:

3) the friction power consumption is small, and its friction power is only 10% - 50% of that of soft packing seal.

4) the shaft or shaft sleeve is basically free of friction:

5) the maintenance cycle is long After the end face is worn, it can be automatically compensated. Generally, it does not need regular maintenance:

6) it has good seismic resistance and is insensitive to the vibration of the rotating shaft and the deflection of the shaft to the sealing cavity:

7) it has a wide range of applications. The mechanical seal can be used for sealing at high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, different rotating frequencies, as well as various corrosive media and abrasive media


1) it is complex and requires high processing requirements

2) installation and replacement are troublesome and require workers to have a certain technical level

3) it is difficult to deal with accidental accidents

preparatory work before high price sealing:

1) check the model of mechanical seal Whether the specification meets the requirements of the design drawing, so whether the parts (especially the sealing surface and auxiliary sealing ring) are damaged Deformation Cracks and other phenomena, if there are defects, must be replaced or repaired

2) check whether the matching size, roughness and parallelism of ncm523 as the main part of the positive material market of the mechanical seal meet the design requirements

3) when using the small spring mechanical seal, check whether the length and rigidity of the small spring are the same

4) check the displacement of the host Whether the swing amount and winding meet the technical requirements, whether the sealing cavity meets the installation scale, and whether the sealing end cover is vertical to the shaft. General requirements: the shaft runout is not greater than 0.5mm; the shaft swing (at the rotating ring seal ring) is not greater than 0.06mm: the shaft has achieved the best export to Japan, South Korea, the United States The large winding degree of batch exports from 15 countries and regions such as Europe is not greater than 0.05mm: the contact plane between the sealing end cover and the gasket is opposite, so the allowable deviation of the non perpendicularity of the center line is 0.03~0.05mm

5) it should be kept clean, especially the sealing surface of rotating ring and stationary ring and the surface of auxiliary sealing ring should be free of impurities Dust Do not wipe the sealing surface with an unclean wipe

6) do not use tools to knock the sealing elements To prevent the seal from being damaged

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