The hottest new polyester fiber comes out

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New polyester fiber comes out

recently, Japan invented polyester fiber with excellent flame retardancy and anti dripping

the fiber is made of polytetrafluoroethylene with an average molecular weight of more than 1million and flame-retardant polyester, which has excellent flame retardancy without molten droplets during combustion. The fiber does not produce toxic gas during combustion, and has excellent spinning and mechanical properties. The flame retardants used in the invention are two kinds of organic phosphides that were mostly used as fibers before, and their content is more than 300ppm as phosphorus atoms. The PTFE used in the invention is essentially a PTFE homopolymer. The copolymerization component of general PTFE contains ethylene fluoride, fluorinated polyvinylidene fiber, PERFLUOROPROPYLENE, perfluoroethylene and other ethylene unsaturated monomers. Due to the copolymerization of these substances, they have high crystallinity, and the PTFE homopolymer that breaks down during the test process or presses the stop switch has low performance, and the anti droplet effect of the fiber during combustion is poor. From this point of view, when using PTFE homopolymer that does not contain these copolymerization components, the molecules should preferably be more than 1million or 10million, the content of PTFE in polyester is 0.02wt% ~ 2.0W T%, preferably 0.05W t% ~ 1.0W T%, and the average particle size of PTFE is 30 μ Below M. As a new member of Solvay's product family

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