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On June 16, Guangzhou housing provident fund management center announced that the Guangzhou housing provident fund management committee had considered and agreed in principle to pilot the implementation of personal housing provident fund discount loan business and personal housing mortgage securitization business, However, the relevant provisions need to be improved after soliciting public opinions

provident fund discount loans, also known as "public to business", mainly use the credit funds of commercial banks to issue individual housing provident fund discount loans to alleviate the pressure of insufficient liquidity of provident fund loans

at present, Guangzhou is the first first tier city to implement provident fund discount loans. Previously, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Xuzhou, Changzhou and other cities have implemented the above measures

according to the introduction of experts in the industry, let's take a look at the classification and equipment parameters of the wood-based panel universal experimental machine. Considering the capital and cost operation of the provident fund itself, properly adjusting the discount ratio for the research and development of materials such as twists and turns can well ensure the balance of revenue and expenditure

earlier, Guangzhou housing provident fund management center disclosed that from June 8, you can apply for personal housing loans from the housing provident fund if you have continuously paid the housing provident fund in full for more than 6 months (including). However, due to the increasing number of loan applications, the deposit loan ratio of Guangzhou housing provident fund once exceeded the warning line of 80% in 2014, and the fund pool of Guangzhou housing provident fund was obviously tight

in this regard, insiders pointed out that if the new policy can be implemented in the second half of the year, it means that since last year, it has brought many hidden dangers to customers' product quality, and the problem of difficult provident fund loans will be greatly alleviated, which will significantly stimulate the demand for house purchase

therefore, the market widely believes that this policy will enhance the confidence of home buyers to enter the market. Whether it is improved or just needed, it will have a significant impact on the market turnover. However, some people in the industry believe that as a single factor, it has little impact on the housing price of Guangzhou property market in the short term

taking the announcement of the new provident fund policy in Beijing on May 29 as an example, these people said that as of the first ten days of June, the transaction volume of provident fund loans in Beijing had increased by 20% month on month, and the statistical data showed that the crowding effect of first-time home buyers on the transaction volume was more obvious

however, the new policy of housing provident fund discount is undoubtedly the property market easing policy introduced by the Guangzhou government in order to alleviate the pressure of housing provident fund funds and stimulate property market transactions

because compared with the booming Shenzhen hundreds of miles away, the current property market in Guangzhou is indeed a little flat

according to statistics, as of June 16, the number of unsold residential units in Guangzhou was 150627, and the area of unsold adjusted passive needle compression spring screws and pointers was 1978.58 million square meters. At present, the cycle of housing deregulation in Guangzhou is 26 months, which is much higher than that in other first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen

the average de stocking cycle of last year and the previous year was about 15 months. Market participants pointed out that although the transaction in Guangzhou market has recovered relatively quickly, the de stocking pressure of the whole market is still very large

therefore, from the perspective of the reform direction of the provident fund, the support of the policy to the market has been continuously strengthened, which is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for the Guangzhou real estate market, which is in the midst of a rebound

Huang Tao, general manager of Zhongyuan Real Estate Project Department, said that at present, the inventory pressure of Guangzhou real estate market is still large, and it is expected to continue to be dominated by de inventory in the next three months. However, if the recovery tide can continue, the sales pressure of developers will be relieved, and the willingness to increase prices will also be strengthened. It is expected that house prices will rise substantially in the "golden nine and silver ten"

then, can the Guangzhou property market be excited when the new policy of discount interest of Guangzhou provident fund is introduced

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