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New polymer materials and biodegradable plastics have unlimited potential.

products in the new polymer materials industry are getting hotter and hotter, gradually replacing traditional materials such as steel and glass, and are widely used in automotive, electronic and electrical industries. At the same time, biodegradable plastics and some new materials have also been put into use, and have great development potential. However, behind the development, there is a serious overcapacity of low-end products in the industry; The import dependence of high-end products remains high, and the processing and synthesis technology of some products is still immature

National Plastic plus learned from the analysis of the PC global supply side inspection chart in the second quarter of 2018 that the larger the public value of the association of industry and industry shows that the data of pressing cloth shows that we have tested more than 3000 plastic modification enterprises in China, but the market share is only 30%. According to Professor Gan Zhihua, an authoritative expert in the polymer new material industry and Secretary General of the polymer Discipline Committee of the Chinese chemical society, the polymer material industry urgently needs to move from the low-end and homogeneous status quo to a sustainable development path of resource conservation, product differentiation and high added value, and a strong "supply side reform" is needed

Gan Zhihua publicly called for that only by strengthening the structural reform of the supply side in the whole industry, which is mainly used for the dynamic change fatigue test of various torque bearing parts, can the polymer material industry enhance the driving force of sustainable growth, resolve the current industry difficulties, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase for enterprises. Sponsored by the development research center of the State Council, the newspaper follows the hot spots of China's economic operation and social development with the policy of "being responsible for readers and history"

in fact, like other manufacturing industries in China, the polymer material industry is entering a new era of upgrading and transformation and intelligent manufacturing. In particular, Premier Li Keqiang also focused on the polymer material industry in his recent inspection work, encouraging scientific researchers to speed up the transformation of achievements. Against this background, "Jinmin Web", which directly attacks the pain points of various industries and provides a complete set of systematic solutions, came into being

"Jinmin Web" through the integration of labor, capital, technology, land, management, entrepreneurial talent and other production input factors, so that the elements can achieve a more scientific and reasonable allocation and maximize output. In this regard, industry insiders commented that this model can provide practical solutions to the current industry difficulties, and it is a real supply side reform practice case.

in this regard, another domestic "calm and rational" People who dig deep-seated content and are good at analyzing economic development trends point out that "Jinmin Web" introduces the sharing economy of Internet thinking into the field of real economy, which is an "ice breaking" journey of model change

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