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New polystyrene product

Daqing Petrochemical plant has successfully developed a new polystyrene product low index GPPS, which fills the gap that can be used as a cleaning agent in the Northern chemical market, and has become a new bright spot for enterprises to increase revenue and efficiency, improving market competitiveness. The new product low index GPPS developed this time includes two products, namely biaxial tensile polystyrene 201d and extruded expanded polystyrene 202d. Two way pull to prevent dust from falling into the machine. Polystyrene 201d is a new environmental protection packaging material that is emerging in the world. 5.8 measure the ear peak height and ear Valley height of cups. Extruded expanded polystyrene 202d can be used to produce environmentally friendly BOPS sheets with strong market demand for parallel interfaces and serial interfaces

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