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New product launch: JK Jiqi current limiting series SCR power regulator

Product Description:

1 Protection device of this controller: 1 Source is under phase. 2. Fuse disconnection detection. 3. Overtemperature protection of heat sink of this controller. 4. Abnormal output contact is provided for remote monitoring, and the contact capacity is 240vac/5a

2. This controller has the CE international safety certification standard

3. It has the open circuit indicator light of each phase fuse of RST, and provides abnormal output contact, which can be used as the comparison and differentiation system of single and double tension machines. Emergency enterprises can control the quality requirements of products in order to blindly reduce prices

4. The action of the cooling fan has temperature control. When the temperature of the heat sink is 55 degrees, it works and stops at 45 degrees, which can increase the service life of the fan by times

5. Application: IR lamp, quartz lamp, molybdenum disilicide, heater. Using shoemaking machinery, plastic bottle blowing machinery, plastic extrusion machinery, vacuum evaporation machine, vacuum splashing machine, heat treatment furnace, electric heating furnace, electric heating boiler, enameled wire machinery, it is necessary to make a breakthrough in the design of existing drawnwork machinery, textile machinery, constant temperature and humidity system that changes the functional concept, loading mechanism and control principle of the experimental machine

6. Overload protection: flash for 1 time

source current under phase protection: flash for 2 times

three phase unbalance protection: flicker for 3 times

body over temperature protection: flash for 4 times

load disconnection protection: flash for 5 times

7. Set the maximum current limit, so that users can have more choices

function description

replace the traditional electromagnetic switch, and immediately supplement the temperature to minimize the temperature difference, without sparks and arcs. Set the maximum current limit, so that users can choose more diversified

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