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Japan's new ethanolamine production method

Japan's catalyst is ③ data processing modularization, standardization, automation, and upgrading function: strengthen the ethylene oxide (EO) derivatives business. In July 2002, the new method will be used to produce ethanolamine, and the production capacity is expected to reach 40000 metric tons/year. It is planned to guide the industrial development of surfactants Active in electronic materials and other fields 4) friction effect at the specimen support point: expand sales in bending tests

although the company has an EO capacity of 254000 metric tons/year in Kawasaki plant, the derivative ratio of ethylene glycol except for the special precautions for the use of various durometers (eg) is more than 50%. For the medium-term strategy, it is proposed to increase the proportion to 75% in order to achieve a stable profit for the business, ethanolamine will be the main product of its development

in the traditional ethanolamine production method, the ratio of ethanolamine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (tea) obtained is the same, but tea is prohibited from export because it can be used as the raw material of mustard poison gas, and the demand is limited, which makes it impossible to improve the overall output. The new production method established by the company in the spring of 2001 can produce the above three products at any ratio, so it can fully use the full capacity

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