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New polymer development can change color with temperature

researchers have developed an unusual polymer, which can change 4% in a second through temperature change After sales: change the color and return to the original color. Compared with the same type of polymer before, it is applicable to a wider temperature range and can change color rapidly even at high temperature

according to an article published in chemical world on July 22 and reprinted in the following new materials in science: Americans on July 25, this polymer can be applied in fields such as biosensors and smart windows, and can be used to regulate light or heat exchange

its basic polymer is a peptide side chain polybutylene produced by the multi-step polymerization of diacetylene under ultraviolet light. Peptides are chain molecules composed of amino acids, and they are also indispensable components of proteins in living objects

shaozhengzhong, chief researcher from Fudan University in Shanghai, said in an email that this new polymer is a kind of nanofiber that can be processed into various shapes. Fiber can be produced by extrusion; By coating extruder enterprise orders, it will be greatly recovered to form film; Hydrogels can also be molded

thermochromic polymers are called thermochromic polymers. This polymer has been developed before, but it changes color slowly and only in a small temperature range. Shaozheng worked with researchers in China, the Netherlands and the UK to find better thermochromic polymers and found new types that can change color rapidly even at high temperatures up to 390 ° F

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