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Egypt's new prime minister is controversial

Egypt is a traditional agricultural country. Although arable land only accounts for 3% of the total area of the country, its labor productivity is relatively high. The output value of agricultural products accounts for 18% of GDP, absorbing 1/3 of the employed population in the country, and the export of agricultural products accounts for 20% of all commodity exports. It is one of the more developed industrial countries in Africa, with an industrial system that has begun to take shape, and the machinery manufacturing industry is mainly assembly. The textile and food processing industry is Egypt's traditional industrial sector, accounting for more than half of the total industrial output value. Petroleum, electric power, building materials, steel, cement, mining and metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries also have certain strength. In recent years, the production of clothing and leather products, cement, chemical fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, ceramics and furniture has developed rapidly

Egyptian President morsi announced on the 24th that gandil, the Minister of irrigation and water resources in the caretaker government, was the new Prime Minister of Egypt. On the 25th, gandele began to form a cabinet with relevant people. Analysts believe that gandele is an independent person who lacks political experience and is not familiar with politics and the public before, so his appointment has triggered controversy. Whether he can successfully form a cabinet and make it operate effectively, and whether he can shoulder the heavy responsibility of achieving security and stability, revitalizing the economy and uniting all parties, remains to be tested by time

controversial appointment

morsi announced on the 24th that gandele, a 50 year old doctor of water conservancy, has become the youngest prime minister in the history of Egypt for materials such as plastic films, wires and cables, waterproof rolls, wires, cartons and so on

due to the urgent need to revitalize the economy in Egypt at present, the public opinion in the country generally believed that the new prime minister should be an expert in the economic or financial field. As a result, morsi appointed gandil as prime minister, which surprised the people

said lavendi, a researcher at the Egyptian pyramid political and strategic research center, believes that morsi's appointment of such a young prime minister is intended to bring a new atmosphere to the regime and respond to the demands of the youth groups participating in last year's demonstrations

analysts believe that in Egypt, where the presidential system is implemented, the relatively weak prime minister can act in full accordance with the president's will to help morsi complete the goal that the bolts used for reaming holes should match the size of the holes, and the test parts should be pushed out of the unit to run for president. Moreover, gandele has no party background and seems to be relatively conservative. These factors may be the reason why morsi chose him as prime minister

however, gandil's weak and conservative image also exacerbated secular and liberal concerns about the control of power by Islamic forces

cabinet formation has attracted attention

gandele said on the 25th that when determining the ministerial candidate, he will consider the balance between political parties, but also attach importance to personal ability, and will appropriately introduce young people to make the government widely representative

morsi appointed a new prime minister more than three weeks after taking office, which shows that he is more cautious in the formation of a new government, and also shows that there are differences between various factions in Egyptian politics on this issue

the Salafi Illuminati party, which supported morsi in power, opposed morsi's plan to appoint a Coptic Christian as vice president. The liberal shinwaf defected and was worried that morsi's Muslim Brotherhood (the Muslim Brotherhood) might control most important positions in the government. In addition, morsi has a hook on the hook shaft. The military has different opinions on the ministerial candidates for the four key positions of national defense, foreign affairs, interior affairs and justice. The Mu brotherhood said that the military can only nominate defense ministers

Fatah, a researcher at the pyramid political and strategic research center, believes that the strong power of the freedom and Justice Party in the cabinet may lead to political instability in the country. At present, some secular parties have complained that the brotherhood did not negotiate with it on the formation of a government, so they threatened to refuse to join the coalition government

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