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New products add points to performance, Universiade heavy truck achieves adverse market growth

new products add points to performance, Universiade heavy truck achieves adverse market growth

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in the first five months of this year, the whole heavy truck market fell by 30%, and the industry is in a "big fall". However, the Universiade heavy truck has become the only one of the top 10 enterprises with positive sales growth

why is this

gorgeous report card

since the beginning of 2015, the heavy truck market has been in a cold winter. Not only can we not see the "gold, silver and four" in previous years, but also has set a record of a single month decline of more than 30% since February. From the previous may, the cumulative decline in the overall heavy truck market was chilling, with a monthly decline of 33.5% and a monthly decline of 33%

however, under such a "cold winter", the Universiade of producing heavy trucks has been less than 6 years, but it can calmly "fly against the wind". It has not only become the only enterprise with positive sales growth in the top 10, but more importantly, so that the flexible body in the sample and the direction of the tension exerted by the centerline of the stripping fixture device can lead to Universiade. It has just entered the top 10 of heavy trucks in the past two years. Now, It has moved steadily from 10th to 8th

it is not "strange" that Universiade can achieve such a result. Just a few years ago, when Universiade just entered the market, chairman yuanqinshan said, "there are not many private enterprises in the heavy truck industry, and the competition is relatively not too fierce." For the future of Universiade, yuanqinshan is very confident: "Universiade is a private enterprise, which has inherent advantages in terms of system."

therefore, it is "reasonable" for Universiade to have such a report card from the perspective of system

dealers avoid the "cold winter"

if the system is too suspended, it is not easy to see the difference. Then the "life state" of dealers is real. During the investigation of many heavy truck dealers, we found that under the "cold winter", the sales volume of most Dayun heavy truck dealers is still good, and they are called "lucky people" in the local heavy truck market

"compared with the overall market, our company's orders in the first April of this year were quite good, an increase of about 30% over the same period last year." Duanyonggang, sales manager of Hebei Wanli Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., located in Handan, Hebei Province, said

compared with the "luck" of the dealers of Universiade, many dealers of other brands have said that even though Hebei is a traditional province for heavy truck enterprises to sell, the sales situation of the whole heavy truck market has been very poor since the spring of this year, with a cumulative decrease of about 30% to 40% in the first four months. "The freight demand of Hebei Province mainly comes from coal transportation, but in recent years, due to the control of environmental pollution in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, many power plants have been shut down, and the local coal transportation volume has dropped sharply by 60% A Shijiazhuang dealer who did not want to be named sighed, "there may be no other market worse than Hebei!"

in addition, Zhao Zhiyang, sales manager of Henan Luoyang huizhixing Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., also said that the overall sales situation of the local heavy truck market is very poor. Even in March and April, there is no peak season feeling, and the life of peers is difficult. "We only sell one heavy truck brand of Dayun, and the situation is good. The top four keep the workbench and operation panel clean, and the monthly sales volume is better than last year."

however, under the "cold winter", why can Universiade dealers become "lucky people"

new products add points to performance

trace back to the source, which also starts from the 2014 Beijing auto show. At that time, Universiade held the 2014 new product strategy conference with the theme of "Universiade, better future", launched three new models of n8e, n8h and N9, and boldly launched the "lifelong warranty" service policy

when launching new products, the person in charge of Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said, "the launch of these three models represents the completion of the construction of the whole line of heavy truck products by Dayun."

with the help of the "trio" of promising new products, the sales of Universiade heavy trucks maintained a sustained high growth. "One of the main reasons why our cars are selling well this year is that Dayun heavy truck launched many new models last year, providing users with more choices. Moreover, the service policy of 'lifelong warranty' is very good. Many users believe in the quality of vehicles especially after hearing it. Because in the view of customers, only when the quality of vehicles is good enough, manufacturers dare to guarantee it like this." Duanyonggang said

duanyonggang also said that a few years after the brand entered the market, Dayun heavy truck has a very good reputation in the market, and its advantages in vehicle quality, safety coefficient, comprehensive performance and so on have been recognized by users

lightweight new n8e lira sales

among the three new models launched by Universiade last year, which one is more popular? Perhaps the answer is the new n8e. After all, the self weight of this model is only 7.3 tons on average, and the safety factor is high. There are really not many products that can compete with it in the market

"after the launch of new products last year, the new n8e series sold best, especially the 375 HP cgc4252 model sold very well, which greatly increased the overall sales volume of the store." Duanyonggang said

several other Universiade dealers also said that because the n8e series itself has a good user base, the new n8e series is quickly accepted in the market, and undoubtedly has a greater advantage by reducing its self weight to 7.3 tons. "Cgc4252 has light weight and high safety factor. Now the best-selling product in our store is this car with high working efficiency." Zhao Zhiyang said

in addition to lighter self weight, the new n8e series has many improvements over the n8e series launched in the previous two years. For example, two steps are added to get on and off the bus, making it easier to get on and off the bus; Airbag seats are equipped as standard to reduce driving fatigue; The new pipeline route and planning design effectively reduce the management between pipelines

it is precisely because of so many advantages that the selling point of Dayun new n8e series products is not simply "low price" marketing. "Compared with similar competitive products, the price of 375 HP tractors in the new n8e series is not low at all, and not long ago, the manufacturer also raised the price uniformly by 5000 yuan per vehicle at one time." Zhao Zhiyang said

for the "price increase storm", a Universiade dealer admitted, "at the beginning, I was also a little worried. However, this car still sold very well." Facing the "cold winter" market, most heavy truck enterprises often choose to reduce prices and promote sales, but Universiade does the opposite, which is enough to show their confidence in their own products

why can Universiade continue to produce products that meet the market? Of course, this is based on the advantages of its private enterprise system. The secret of summing up is that the system determines that the production and sales of its products are completely market-oriented. It can quickly respond to changes in the market, and then produce products that meet market demand. The car will naturally sell better. With the enthusiasm of all partners, the sales volume will be overwhelming and rising. It has contributed to the situation of decentralization, extensive, environmental pollution, disorderly export, and difficulty in unified supervision

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