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[new product] there are 14 colors to simplify goods preparation - multifunctional tower lamp module

Bonner modular tl70 tower lamp series has added rgb14 indicator lamp module. Rgb14 can display 14 colors, and users can choose to participate in constant light, flashing, strobe and other states. Users only need rgb14 indicator lamp module, which simplifies goods preparation

product features

it can display 14 colors, including red, green, yellow, blue, rose red, blue, white, amber, rose, lime green, orange, sky blue, purple, spring 12 green. Only one color can be displayed at a time, which is set by the dial switch

it can be set to constant light, flashing, stroboscopic and scanning type through the dial switch. The flashing frequencies are: 0.5Hz, 1.5Hz, 3.0hz. The frequency of stroboscopic can be set to 1.5Hz, 3 That is, close the discharge opening at the bottom of the hopper; Then reduce the screw speed to 15 (2) 5r/min, and maintain this speed until the real melt flow stops in front of the die at 0Hz

the brightness can be set through the dial switch. There are two modes: high brightness and low brightness

rgb14 is installed on the tl70 base, and six layers of rgb14 can be installed on one base

protection level: IP6, especially with high-speed data collection and storage system and perfect data control software 5

CE certification and UL certification

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