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New pore forming material - plastic bellows beloved in the building materials industry

Plastic Saudi Basic Industry Corporation (SABIC) launched an innovative polypropylene resin product. What are the functions of bellows? After the hole material is damaged, the slurry is the last protective barrier of prestressed steel in the prestressed concrete structure. Plastic bellows is a new kind of pore forming material. Compared with metal bellows, it has the following advantages:

under the same conditions, the friction coefficient of the reserved hole of SBG (b) plastic bellows is significantly smaller than that of the reserved hole of metal bellows, which reduces the friction loss of pre stress in the tensioning process. Generally, the friction coefficient of plastic bellows is 0.14, while that of metal bellows is 0.25

plastic bellows has high strength, is not afraid of stepping on pressure, is not easy to be broken by vibration, and its sealing performance and anti leakage performance are higher than metal bellows, which is more suitable for vacuum 10. Working power supply: 220V ~ 240V grouting

plastic bellows

plastic bellows is non-conductive, which can prevent stray current corrosion, and metal is a good conductor of electricity

plastic bellows has better fatigue resistance and can greatly improve the fatigue resistance of components

from the above point of view, metal bellows is about to withdraw from the stage of history, although the price of plastic bellows is slightly higher than that of metal bellows. However, her series of advantages have greatly attracted the attention of engineering companies and become the darling of prestressed building materials

the raw material of plastic bellows is HDPE. Its corrosion-resistant zigzag roller width: 140mm; The corrosion performance is far better than that of metal. It is not afraid of acid and alkali corrosion. It does not corrode itself and can effectively protect the prestressed reinforcement from corrosion. Many prestressed structures are subjected to serious external influences, such as deicing salt or salt water. When the post tensioned member is blocked or invalid due to the collapse of the waterproof layer, micro crack water leakage and drainage facilities, the prestressed reinforcement may be corroded. The "grouting of prestressed tendons" in the FIP construction guide (1990) points out that metal pipes have no permanent anti-corrosion ability, and {hot rises slowly and will get more customers. Tag} is not enough to resist water leakage and reach the grout and prestressed tendons. The plastic bellows can provide a barrier protection function far better than the metal bellows for the prestressed reinforcement, and can prevent the pollution of harmful substances penetrating the pipeline, thus ensuring the better durability of the post tensioned prestressed structure

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