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The new process of ethylene and propylene came out

the technology of catalytic thermal cracking to produce ethylene and propylene and its industrial application, jointly developed by the Research Institute of petrochemical industry of China Petrochemical Corporation, Sinopec engineering construction company and Daqing Refining and chemical branch of China Petroleum and Natural Gas Corporation, were approved by China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation on June 15 Technical appraisal jointly organized by China National Petroleum Corporation

catalytic pyrolysis process (CPP) is a new process route for preparing ethylene and propylene with heavy oil as raw material, specially developed molecular sieve catalyst and continuous reaction regeneration cycle operation mode of catalyst fluidization transportation under much more moderate operation conditions than traditional steam cracking to produce ethylene

after systematic research and development, the catalytic pyrolysis process has been successfully tested on the 80000 T/a riser plus bed catalytic cracking device reconstructed by Daqing Refining and chemical branch with single-chip microcomputer displaying experimental data and experimental status in real time. Using Daqing wax oil mixed with 55% vacuum residue as raw material, the yields of ethylene, propylene and butene can reach 20.37%, 18.32% and 7.52% respectively, indicating that the CPP process is mature. This series of models are mainly suitable for non-metallic materials whose experimental load is lower than the service 5kn of Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. through the page. The experimental technology is reliable

the special catalyst developed has good cracking activity, olefin selectivity, metal pollution resistance and excellent hydrothermal stability. The newly developed high-temperature oil and gas quenching, heat recovery and anti coking system at the outlet of the reactor achieved good results. The pyrolysis gas low pressure, intercooling and staged oil absorption process is used for CPP gas separation and recovery, which meets the process requirements, and the ethylene recovery rate reaches 99%

cpp process is a new way to develop petrochemical industry with heavy raw materials, and this process has the international leading level

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