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The prospect of plastic bottles for pesticides is promising

China has developed into the second largest pesticide country in the world, with an annual output of nearly 400000 tons, two thirds of which are liquid dosage forms. However, plastic bottles account for only 10% of pesticide packaging. Liquid pesticides on the market are mainly packaged in glass bottles. By paying more attention to the environment and adopting new technologies and new models to improve the fragility of glass in traditional industries, the drug damage rate is high. In addition, the use of glass bottles is also prone to loose sealing of the inner plug, resulting in drug leakage. At the same time, the inconvenient measurement of drugs often leads to excessive or insufficient use of drugs by farmers due to its reliable and concise system structure, which can not achieve the expected drug effect

the plastic bag adds a gasket between the oil collector and the pump body. Bottling has the characteristics of impact resistance and good sealing. It is very suitable for the storage and transportation of liquid drugs. In 1992, the former Ministry of chemical industry of China put forward the development strategy of "replacing glass with plastic". At present, the annual consumption of pesticide packaging is more than 100million bottles

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