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The prospect of China's flexible packaging market is not optimistic

according to the latest survey report released by Pinot international, the global consumption of flexible packaging will reach 18.1 million tons in 2011, and the output value will reach US $58.3 billion (about RMB 367.2 billion). By 2016, the consumption is expected to reach 22.5 million tons, and the output value will reach US $71.3 billion (about RMB 449.1 billion). It is announced that with the development of metal cans Traditional packaging forms such as glass and plastic bottles are gradually eliminated by the market, and the flexible packaging market will usher in new growth opportunities

the rapid development of China's daily chemical industry also enlivens the auxiliary industries such as daily chemical packaging materials. With the continuous maturity and innovation of flexible packaging technology, flexible packaging has gradually stepped onto the stage of daily chemical. The rapid development of the daily chemical industry undoubtedly drives the market demand of enterprises for flexible packaging, and some even predict that it will become the next hot spot of daily chemical packaging materials. However, the prospect of flexible packaging is not so optimistic

flexible packaging has developed rapidly

it is not difficult to trace the packaging development history of the daily chemical industry. Since the 1970s, great changes have taken place in the packaging of daily chemical products. The traditional metal and glass containers have been gradually replaced by lightweight plastic packaging, and the timely emergence of flexible packaging as a supplementary packaging has gradually attracted attention

at present, flexible packaging is mainly used in the market of washing powder and detergent in the field of daily chemicals, while in other categories, it is mainly the promotional packaging or disposable packaging of shampoo, shower gel, facial mask and other categories

the soaring oil price in recent years has led to high prices of daily chemical raw materials. In order to reduce costs, many domestic daily chemical enterprises have begun to consider using flexible packaging in more categories

in the view of the marketing director of a soft packaging enterprise in Shanghai, the current soft packaging has obvious advantages over other plastic packaging: first, the cost advantage is that the cost of soft packaging is only 1/2 to 2/3 of that of plastic hard packaging. For example, the cost of 400ml shampoo hard plastic bottle (capping) is about 3 yuan, and the cost without pump head is about 1.8 yuan. Even the cost of soft packaging with packaging cover is only about 1 yuan, If how to distinguish whether the polyurethane insulation material is qualified or not is an urgent task for enterprises, management departments, design units and law enforcement departments at all levels, the cost will be as low as about 0.5 yuan without packaging cover; Secondly, it is convenient to transport. Using flexible packaging saves about 20% of the transportation cost than using plastic containers. In his opinion, flexible packaging still has a lot of room for improvement in China

the prospect is not good

however, some people do not agree with this view. Dongguan Huayuan Packaging Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises specialized in flexible packaging in China. Its main fields include food, beverage and daily chemical. Only the main customers in the field of daily chemical include many daily chemical giants such as LiBai, naais, Langqi, blue moon and Lafang. From its attitude towards flexible packaging in the field of daily chemical, we can see the situation of flexible packaging

Hujun, the person in charge of central China of Huayuan Packaging Co., Ltd., said that at present, there are two types of flexible packaging widely used in daily chemical products: the main packaging methods of disposable daily chemical products, which are widely used in different packaging bags such as washing powder, shampoo and cosmetics; And detergent and detergent. Moreover, the total number of these two types of products is not very large compared with the whole daily chemical industry

in his opinion, due to the intense competition in China's detergent market and the low added value of the industry at present, the application of flexible packaging is a foregone conclusion. Even if new packaging methods such as barrel packaging appear, it will not have a great impact. However, the high added value of the detergent industry will lead to higher quality plastic packaging rather than flexible packaging, What is more disadvantageous is the strong rise of the detergent market and the gradual weakening of the detergent market

as for promotional packaging and gifts, they are only non mainstream forms of daily chemical packaging and cannot form a large market, so there is no way to avoid poisoning and loss of data. At present or in the future, the prospect of flexible packaging seems not optimistic

in addition, the cultural differences between the East and the West also have a negative impact on the market. Not only the Chinese consumers, but also the consumers in the whole Asian region still have the impression of poor quality in the past. They only know that the quality of gravure printed plastic film is more reliable when it meets the tolerance requirements of various motion characteristic parameters, which is also the biggest bottleneck for the development of flexible packaging in China. If flexible packaging wants to make a difference in China in the future, in addition to continuous technical improvement, bridging this cultural bias transmission is the most important work. When talking about the future prospects of flexible packaging, Hu Jun said

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