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Nowadays, the brand of aluminum alloy doors and windows that many aluminum alloy doors and windows dealers are acting for is a nationally famous brand, but it is difficult to implement it locally in their own location and cannot be done. Why is this? This is due to regional doubts. Therefore, the implementation ideas of aluminum alloy door and window dealers need to keep pace with the times. When a big brand is introduced to the local market, how to wait for customers in the store without thinking about how to implement it

the dealer indicates: "e; There are several important thinking factors in selecting commodities, first of all, the advantages of the commodity itself (including commodity characteristics, company strength, innovative ability, brand advantages, etc.), and then the combination of the aluminum alloy door and window commodity with the local shopping malls. Is it attributed to the type of commodities that sell well locally (perhaps it has potential competitive advantages in the local shopping malls and becomes the next " blue chip stock "), We also decided to act on the goods after we had several companies& quot; He believes that choosing the right agency goods is the first and very important step to carry out the development

after the goods are finalized, dealers will face the question of choosing the store location. Powerful dealers think this is appropriate and important. When it comes to choosing a store location, we should first define the building materials market locally. Generally speaking, there will be more or less than one building materials market in a certain area, so we should first select and define this area, and there will be a building materials City in some small areas " Top "e;, In this case, it is very simple, because there is no choice, that is it. But face " Go hand in hand " Maybe " The overwhelming momentum "e; Even "e; Fragmented " When planning the market of building materials, dealers need to spend some time, summarize and compare, and conduct forward-looking analysis

many aluminum alloy door and window dealers think that advertising is useless! How can this brand be known without advertising? In the profession of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the brand acting may be famous in the country, but not necessarily in the local area. The role of advertising is not temporary, but long-term. It is a step-by-step process. Due to the accumulation of each advertising campaign, customers gradually know this brand and will see it first. As a brand advertising promotion, we should think from two aspects: one is the high-altitude advertising promotion of all brands of the manufacturer, and the other is the local landing advertising promotion of dealers. As long as the two are closely combined, the brand foundation can be very solid

commodities are the root of shopping malls. As long as we skillfully fight the combination of commodities and build the vertical combination of commodities at different levels and the horizontal combination of commodities of different types, we can "take root" in shopping malls and maximize the consumption group, network density, commodity circulation speed and flow of shopping malls. In the meantime, we should focus on two punches: first, we should mainly promote a commodity with competitiveness and volume potential to create a leading commodity for the agile improvement of market share; The second is to cultivate a product that can improve the brand image and influence, and create a reputation product for the improvement of the location of the mall

while being agile, it has formed an outstanding tradition of launching new products regularly. Whenever new products are launched, they are widely valued by customers. Professional, attentive and meticulous planning to convey the idea of comfortable, elegant, warm and fashionable days. Innovation is one of the driving forces of a company's long-term development. Aluminum alloy door and window franchise companies need to make great efforts in talent training and planning talent storage. After all, this is a long process, which also considers the capital and planning strength of aluminum alloy door and window franchise companies





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