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Hardbound house means exquisite integration, which has attracted the attention of many people who are considering buying a house with this charm. Now let me share some advantages and precautions of hardbound house. Advantages of fine decoration house:

hardbound room meaning is “ Exquisite &rdquo& ldquo; Fusion ”, Hardbound house has attracted the attention of many people who are considering buying a house with its unique charm. Many people regard hardbound house as the first choice for buying a house. Xiaobian shares some advantages and precautions of hardbound house, so that everyone can buy and live at ease

advantages of fine decoration house:

advantages of fine decoration house 1. Closing the house saves the decoration process and directly obtains the finished product. This advantage provides great convenience for people who have no time to participate in house decoration or feel that the decoration is hard and cumbersome

advantages of fine decoration of the house. Second, give full play to the maximum value of space. Before the completion of the fine decorated house, the decoration team has designed the blueprint of the house, and the layout of each hall and room is carefully conceived to maximize the utilization of space

precautions for hardbound room inspection:

precautions for hardbound room inspection I. air environment:

carefully check the list of materials used, and check whether the hazardous substances are within the qualified range according to the national standards. The developer must provide the air detection report, which must be nationally recognized with “ CMA” Authoritative report of identification

precautions for hardbound room inspection II. Verification of building materials:

the materials of the equipment should be clearly stated in the contract, especially the kitchen utensils, sanitary baths, electrical appliances, lamps and lanterns. The brand name, model and place of production should be clearly stated. While pursuing beauty, it should also have high quality and high quality

precautions for hardbound room inspection III. circuit safety:

materials determine the service life and safety of circuits, and eliminate “ Three noes ” Material Science. In addition to checking the model of the house circuit, the location of the socket point and the nameplate of the maximum power consumption equipment through the design drawings provided by the property management company, you should also personally check whether the leakage protection switch of the distribution box has safety lighting, whether the socket has a design route strictly according to the power, whether the switch can be used normally, etc

precautions for hardbound room inspection IV. waterproof test:

do a waterproof test to check whether the sewer is unblocked; Whether the floor drain is smooth, otherwise it will become “ Ponding pool ”; Whether the water pipeline material is too hard to crack

conclusion: “ Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs ”, The beauty and convenience of the hardbound room are deeply loved by everyone. I hope everyone can find a warm and comfortable dwelling to their satisfaction




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