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Foundation engineering construction instructions

? a. Before the construction team enters the site for construction, the water pipe must be “ Pressure test (test with “ 10 kg water pressure for 15 minutes. If the pointer of the “ pressure gauge does not change, you can rest assured to change the water pipe. Otherwise, you must not use the pipe change. You must first notify the “ management office to have the “ Management Office carry out maintenance and treatment. After the “ pressure is normal, you can change the pipe.) And “ Circuit test (test with a bulb equipped with a “ socket, and the “ bulb is on)

? b. Grooving cannot damage the bearing wall and the cast-in-place part of the ground, and the swing layer can be removed. If the bearing wall needs to be installed “ The inner reinforcement structure of the junction box shall not be damaged

? c. Buried “ The “ Trunking “ Anti termite treatment, “ Conduit and “ “ Direct or “ Elbow connection, “ Conduit and “ The junction of the bottom box needs to be installed “ Cup comb, all wall and ground circuits must be at a 90 degree angle. If the original line needs to be changed and cannot be used “ Direct or “ When connecting elbows, use “ Yellow wax pipes are connected, and “ The yellow wax pipe shall enter the line pipe at both ends for no less than 10 cm

? d. If the circuit needs to be buried in the wall, it is best to use “ 3 branch pipe, ceiling wiring can be used “ 4 branch pipe& ldquo; Inside the conduit “ Wires must not have “ Connector, “ The connector should be able to be in another “ Found in the wire box, and “ Wires in the pipe shall not exceed “ 60% of pipe diameter

? e. Strong current “ Hot wire needs “ Red, “ Zero line needs “ Black, “ For ground wire “ Yellow or “ Blue yellow color separation line& ldquo; Telephone line needs “ Four core telephone line& ldquo; Network cable, “ Audio cable and “ The TV line should be selected according to the actual situation

? f、“ After the reconstruction of water and circuit, it is necessary to conduct pressure test on the waterway again. After the pressure is normal, seal the groove with cement mortar




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