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Ruyushui's new products in autumn and winter 2018 are unveiled. They are trendy, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and gray. Color and fashion are integrated. There are colors, stories, styles and innovations.

Beautiful skins are the same.

interesting souls are one in a million.

How can you lack an interesting home for such an interesting soul

like a fish in water 2018 autumn and winter new products debut

trendy style

pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray

color and fashion fusion

color, story, style, novelty

let's read colored Stories ~ ~ ~ ~

pink pink pink pink pink

cute, warm, tender, youthful and bright

autumn and winter new products: Happy Fanghua

inspiration story

Fanghua, Inspired by Chanel's high-end customized Camellia Series in spring and summer 2018, the popular colors coral powder and sea blue are extracted from it. Coral powder has a romantic and sweet girl's breath. The sea blue color is quiet and calm. It is a healing color that makes people feel extra relieved. The blending of these two colors forms a visual hierarchical beauty to varying degrees, which makes the space continuously shrouded in a romantic atmosphere


orange orange

Sports Youth, fashion, joy and nobility

new products in autumn and winter: lifelong love

inspiration story

this product is inspired by Francois' oil painting Cupid and sage. Inspired by the beautiful love in the ancient Greek mythology, it uses the meaning of "love" in the peach heart element to the shape of the curtain, expresses the original intention of soft clothing design, and makes people all over the world love to go home more


yellow yellow

bright, warm and relaxed hope noble

autumn and winter new products: noble tone

inspiration story

noble tone, inspired by the famous Italian luxury brand - Duca Banna. It is good at drawing inspiration from streets, music and all contemporary things, and deduces its personal style, surpassing the limits of various established rules and regulations. The colors and patterns of the curtains are drawn from the religious patterns of the Sicilian church. Gold can better show the gorgeous, noble and atmosphere of the curtain itself and the home decoration as a whole



healthy vitality, fresh peace

new products in autumn and winter: Western jungle-a

inspiration story

this product is inspired by the jewelry of Cartier cheetah series, and is intended to create a product with light luxury theme. Some people say that modern women in the concrete jungle jump up and down every day, rush to their career and busy life, and have a strong sense of identity with the female leopard in the tropical jungle, who has to go out to hunt and raise her cubs. Therefore, leopard stripes are added to show sympathy. For women aged 20-40 who have unique views on life, it draws inspiration from Cartier jewelry and perfectly combines the wildness of cheetahs with the softness of women. Create an independent world at home



calm, rational, strict, clean and broad

new products in autumn and winter: Legend of the sea

inspiration story

Legend of the sea, inspired by the exploration spirit and unremitting spirit of Columbus, the famous Spanish navigator, who opened up the era of navigation. Taking the ship anchor as the prototype, combined with the waves and the wonderful underwater world, the children's exploration spirit can be better nurtured in the children's room. Only those who are not afraid of difficulties and dangers and dare to explore can find strange light


purple purple

wisdom creates temperament, noble spirituality

new products in autumn and winter: sex and the city - Purple

inspiration story

this product is inspired by the shape of Ruyi scroll in the popular Qing palace drama "Yanxi strategy", which is intended to create a kind of ancient painting texture like static overflow and yellowing, showing a harmonious and elegant feeling. In terms of color, a soothing and quiet advanced color system - Morandi color system is adopted. Widely loved by the public



sincere, calm, elegant and authoritative

new products in autumn and winter: low luxury temptation

inspiration story

this product is inspired by the stone Arch Bridge rich in Chinese culture, and the stone arch bridge is an outstanding representative of Chinese bridges. It can reflect the economic and cultural development of a place and is an integral part of the splendid culture of ancient China. It shows the wisdom and strength of the working people. Today, there are still prospects for development. It is a precious heritage, which can show the hardworking, brave and outstanding talents of the working people. Combining the culture with Chinese characteristics with contemporary popular elements can show that the curtain and the space as a whole are endowed with cultural heritage and fashion luxury

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