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In such an environment, Theo doors and windows stand out in the complex market and stand on the leading position in the industry. How did Theo doors and windows grow? What is the brand strategy of Xiou doors and windows in 2019

the development of door and window industry has always been a focus issue. Due to the low entry threshold of the door and window industry, problems such as overcapacity, mixed products and homogenization have always existed in the market

in such an environment, Theo doors and windows stand out in the complex market and have a leading position in the industry. How did Theo doors and windows grow? What is the brand strategy of Xiou doors and windows in 2019? Today, Deng Qichao, the marketing director of Theo, shared his industry approach

accurately predict industry problems

the consumer market is complex. With the change of people's consumption concept, it also has a certain impact on the development of the door and window industry. Deng Qichao believes that today is the era of the Internet, and people are more aware of products through the Internet platform, so products are more transparent than before

he analyzed: "as a result, manufacturers will pay more attention to the quality of products, which makes the door and window industry always put the core technology of improving product quality in the first place in the development, which will alleviate the problem of homogeneous competition to some extent."

talking about the problems existing in the door and window industry, Deng Qichao believes that there are two main problems facing the industry at present: one is marketing, the other is manufacturing. He said, "the problem of manufacturing is relatively thorny for manufacturers. At present, it is impossible to really achieve batch, standardized and fully automated production. Therefore, how to make manufacturing more information-based on the existing production is an urgent problem to be solved."

looking up and down in development

the development of Theo in the past two years has also attracted attention, and it has continued to invest a huge amount of money to publicize through the national three-dimensional advertising on land, sea and air. At the same time, it has also introduced advanced production equipment, using original ecological profiles and high-quality hardware accessories. Therefore, the competitiveness of Theo has been continuously enhanced in recent years, establishing the benchmark position of Theo doors and windows in the door and window industry

of course, the development of Theo has also encountered bottlenecks. Deng Qichao explained that the bottleneck encountered by Theo before is also a common problem faced by the whole industry, that is, "attracting investment but not supporting business"

the so-called "attracting investment but not maintaining business" means that it is difficult to ensure the survival rate of the store without providing relevant services or support. He believes that "for new dealers, enterprises must provide" nanny "services, help them get on the horse and give them a ride, so that they can survive independently." In 2019, based on this strategic idea, Theo launched a one-to-one in store operation assistance system to improve the operation ability of stores, expand customer source channels, and make dealers worry free throughout the operation

achieve a new model in 2019

Theo's products are constantly innovating, and its technology is also being upgraded. Deng Qichao introduced that this year, the new 100 series bridge breaking windows were launched, and their sound insulation, water resistance and air tightness reached the industry-leading level. 140 system broken bridge sliding window, wind resistance is up to 16. In addition, four series of industry-leading products will be launched

at the same time, the development strategy of Theo in 2019 has also been improved by leaps and bounds. This year, Theo will increase its investment attraction in the Internet, carry out marketing promotion through o2o and other modes, and guide online accurate customer sources to boost the performance of terminal stores

finally, talking about his expectations for the future, Deng Qichao sincerely hopes that Theo can help employees achieve personal value and bring wealth to customers. Theo can become an industry model of employee loyalty, customer satisfaction and respect





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