The prosperity of China's main plastic production

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In June, the prosperity of China's main plastic production areas stabilized recently, the China Light Industry Information Center released the economic operation briefing of China's plastic products industry in June 2015, which is based on the dynamic data of the National Bureau of statistics and the General Administration of customs, Based on the economic operation, forecast and early warning system of China's light industry and in close combination with the basic situation of the operation of the plastic products industry, this paper analyzes and studies the economic operation situation of the industry. 2. The main uses of the TPJ series of mechanical fatigue spring testing machine:. The following contents are the summary of the briefing.

from the perspective of regions, there were two regions with red (overheated) plastic prosperity index in June 2015, which was the same as that in May, The yellow (gradually hot) area is 1 less than that in May. There are 8 green (stable) regions, an increase of 1 Province over the previous month, and the use cost is even higher. The main coastal production areas, Jiangsu, Fujian and Guangdong, have maintained the following operating steps for the plastic boom index: it is relatively stable, while the plastic boom index of Shandong and Zhejiang continues to cool

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