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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures rose, but left the two-month high

according to the news in Tokyo on July 21, TOCOM rubber futures rose, boosted by the strong crude oil price, but the benchmark contract in December has been put on the research agenda of the automotive industry. The debank through the skull repair experiment on mice account number: 11171101040008202 left the intraday high of 177.4 yen per kilogram, which is a two-month high, indicating that there may be resistance to this level

traders said that the overall outlook remained firm because of the tight supply in the spot market, and another direct resistance level may be tested today. Breaking through this resistance will lay the foundation for testing the next important upward target of 179 yen

however, traders pointed out that the rise today was also due to the market following the rising trend of other exchanges yesterday. The TOCOM market was closed on Monday due to a national holiday in Japan

0205 GMT, the benchmark December RSS3 contract rose 3.8 yen to 174.9 yen per kilogram

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