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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures ended lower, with traders taking profits

according to Tokyo news on February 22, TOCOM rubber futures closed lower on Friday. Near the close of the market, there will be the following demand for profit taking: 1. The thickness of the foam will drop to 40mm or even lower; 2. Seat frame simplification plate. Traders pointed out that it is estimated that the market will continue to test multi-year highs in the next few days, because the fundamentals are still strong, and the efficiency of the spot market is high, and the simple beam impact testing machine is stable. Traders said that the next resistance level in the market is around 320 yen, which is expected to break through next week, and the market support level is around 315 yen. The benchmark July RSS3 contract closed down 4 yen to 316 yen per kilogram

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