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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed higher in the afternoon, driven by speculative buying

according to Tokyo on December 22, TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed higher in the afternoon on Friday. Under the opening of the market, the detection error of the lever calibration tensile testing machine is very small. How to do the best to protect the normal protection of the testing machine? The decline was suppressed by the decline in precious metals and energy futures, and the spot monthly contract was weak. However, speculative buying and technical related buying occurred in the market at the low price, helping the market make up for the decline and triggering a rise in prices. The benchmark contract is expected to be trading within the range of the yen due to the lack of new guidance. The benchmark RSS3 contract in May rose 5.4 yen to 228.7 yen per kilogram in midday trading. The spot price fell by 2.8 yen to 205 yen per 3 kg of word-of-mouth when the contract expired in December

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