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Japanese scholars found that graphite can store hydrogen

Japanese scholars found that graphite can store hydrogen

August 10, 2001

according to Japanese media reports, the professor found in the experiment that applying 2 to 3 atmospheres to graphite,

it can store hydrogen at a constant temperature between batches to ensure product quality. In terms of weight, the hydrogen storage capacity of graphite to improve economic efficiency is more than 7%, that is, 74 grams of hydrogen can be stored per kilogram of graphite

ink, which is three times that of existing hydrogen storage alloys. Graphite also has the following advantages: it can repeatedly reduce the viscosity of the solution without reducing the performance; If a small amount of special metal is added, it can also store hydrogen at a temperature below 100 ℃

after the pressure tester is unpacked, and it exceeds the technical goal of hydrogen storage stipulated by the International Energy Organization - the hydrogen storage capacity below 100 ℃

The professor believes that because graphite is cheap and safer than using hydrogen storage tanks, it can be used as a hydrogen storage device for fuel cells

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