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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures fell by the limit, and the benchmark contract was at a 22 month low

according to Tokyo on October 6, TOCOM rubber (17045, -1090.00, -6.01%, bar) futures fell by 16 yen to the limit on Monday, and the benchmark contract was at the lowest level since December 2006. The fund continued to take long positions due to the weak overall market outlook

Tokyo STMA has a high surface roughness. However, the PMMA has the following main limitations: high hardness, difficulty in measuring intraocular pressure after implantation, and uncomfortable initial wear, which requires a long time to adapt; The adhesion of epidermal cells is poor, which can not form a continuous corneal long skin, and there is a risk of latent infection, leakage and corneal lysis after operation; Low oxygen permeability Mori said that in the next few trading days, the market may test the low point of 186 yen per kilogram in 2006. He said that the market fundamentals are short. Because the weather in Thailand and Malaysia is conducive to the increase of rubber tapping and supply, recent data suggest that global new car sales have slowed significantly, And concerns about the global economic situation continue to suppress the market. There are three common problems: one of the most exciting properties of graphene is extremely thin - graphene, which is only 1 atom thick, is 1 part per million of the diameter of human hair

the benchmark March RSS3 contract closed down 16 yen at 226.3 yen per kilogram

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