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Application of process software tools in stamping dies

Arpad Takacs founded cam Tool & die company 25 years ago. Since then, Mr. Takacs has seen that the company has developed from 3800 square feet of office space to 400000 square feet of three buildings and 260 experienced employees. As a service provider for the automation industry, the company is committed to separating itself from the industry. Mr. Takacs attributed the growth of the company to targeted services to customers

cam Tool & die provides a wide range of services, from the initial design to the completion of finished products. Using advanced technology, the company can from concept, to modeling, to processing. Everything is done in its facilities. The operation of the factory requires the use of all kinds of machine tools, including machine tools with 13 levels of pressure and capacity from 400 to 1200 tons according to ISRI. And Cimatron E software from Cimatron technologies, Inc. The use of multiple computer operating systems allows cam tools to set up simulations, design and produce complex parts for stamping dies

at first, the design work was done with pencil and paper. Now I have the first computer I have used. 16 MHz。 Mr Takacs laughed. I believe that the company can enjoy a very competitive advantage by finding the right software for them. Just like we use Cimatron. When we started using Cimatron, we only bought one set. Now we have bought more than 20 sets

Mr. Takacs described the relationship between Cimatron and cam tool: "The relationship between us and Cimatron is like that between us and our customers. We have cooperated with the company for 15 years, and the engineers of both sides are very close. When we communicate with each other's needs, they will keep up with our requirements and pass the best results to our customers.

jay Weiner, a mechanical engineer and it manager of cam tool, explained that the company's efforts are to streamline internal processes." We get the workpiece drawing file from the customer, design the stamping die, mill the blank, make engineering changes to the workpiece, and finally get a stamping die. All the work is done with a simple package that lacks correct and sustainable packaging solutions, which is the main reason for food waste. 1. We know that what the factory considers is time and cost

Weiner went on to talk about that it can be roughly divided into: stretching fixture, tightening fixture, zigzag fixture, stripping fixture, shearing fixture, etc. when the company has not found a software that can meet all its needs, it will suffer great difficulties. In order to deliver the products to customers in time, we cannot import a format drawing file in the design stage and convert the drawing file in the processing stage. We are looking for an integrated software that can integrate solid modeling, advanced free-form surfaces, axis machining, and axis cutting programming. Cimatron E has the necessary feature tree, which can help us simplify the processing process

in the words of Mr. Weiner, the free-form surface characteristics of Cimatron E are quite profound. Various surface and solid generation tools and modification tools give designers considerable flexibility. Once the basic die design is completed, it takes only 30 minutes to add details to each blank. With Cimatron E, it takes less than 5 minutes to build a 3D die design. When there are hundreds of blanks in each die, the time-saving effect is immediately displayed

with the changes of the industry and the development of technology, the company must adapt to the needs of customers. "As the company develops, the competition also develops. We need to constantly challenge ourselves. If we stagnate, we will have no advantage. TA1's personal responsibility determines whether he is conscientious or ignorant in his work or life. (end)

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