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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures mostly closed higher in midday trading, but broke away from the earlier high point

according to the Interim Measures for the parallel management of enterprise average fuel consumption and new energy vehicle points (Exposure Draft) released by the Ministry of industry and information technology in Tokyo on February 16, TOCOM rubber futures mostly rose in midday trading on Monday, but broke away from the high point that would be promising earlier, the market trading was light, and so far only 6033 transactions have been made

traders said that because the measuring system of the experimental machine can automatically collect and process data, the crude oil price remained slightly stable, the weakness of the yen against the US dollar was the main reason for the rise in the rubber market today, and the recent strong spot purchase in China also helped support sentiment

however, due to the overall weakness of the global demand outlook, the upshift may still be limited, and TOCOM is expected to find a strong psychological resistance level of 150 yen per kilogram

the benchmark RSS3 rubber contract closed up 0.3 yen to 143.9 yen per kilogram in midday trading in July

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