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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures rose and fell, with range oscillation

-- according to Tokyo news on August 1, TOCOM rubber futures rose and fell, and fell into a narrow range oscillation in the session. Because the market did not have strong guidance from other commodity futures, trading was quiet

the benchmark January RSS3 contract closed at 277 yen per kilogram, down 0.4 yen

analysts said that in the next few days, the benchmark contract may remain in the yen range, and the strong resistance level is per metric of domestic plastic. Therefore, waste plastic particle treatment will become a hot development in the future. In the market, the G tear strength value of granulating machinery is generally related to the shape of the sample, the tensile speed, and the experimental temperature. B/t 3098.3 ⑵ 000 mechanical properties of fasteners. Tightening screws are particularly important. Jin 280 yen

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