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[Nippon rubber] TOCOM rubber futures broke away from the high point in midday trading, and the rise was limited

National Development and Reform Commission: encouraging foreign investors to invest in engineering plastics and other new material industries in China. According to Tokyo news on March 11, TOCOM rubber futures rose in midday trading on Wednesday, but broke away from the high point of 139.6 yen per kilogram

traders said that the overnight rise in the stock market and the stability of crude oil prices were the main reasons for the rise in rubber futures prices. When cast iron specimens were tight, the market continued to pay attention to the negative demand fundamentals

traders added that the rise in rubber futures prices in the next few trading days is expected to be limited. The benchmark rubber futures contract is expected to find psychological resistance at 140 yen per kilogram, with strong technical resistance at 142.9 yen per kilogram

the benchmark August RSS3 contract closed up 0.8 yen to 138.4 yen per kilogram in midday trading

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