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North China industrial control: the application of embedded computer system in automobile "intelligent" manufacturing

with the rapid deformation of cars in the public - measuring the ability of hard plastics to withstand permanent deformation and the ability of non hard plastics to restore their original shape after deformation, as well as the increasingly perfect transportation network, the huge consumer demand promotes the continuous advancement of the wave of motorization. The development trend of networked and intelligent automobile manufacturing

based on artificial intelligence, the pace of intelligent automobile manufacturing accelerates.

embedded computer system is a professional computer system based on computer science and technology, which can strictly control, monitor and manage other equipment. It has strong compatibility, integration and comprehensiveness. With the continuous development of information technology, network communication and other new technologies, embedded computer system is also becoming mature

at present, automobile intellectualization is mainly manifested in vehicle entertainment system, intelligent navigation, intelligent driving and vehicle self-test, among which there are one or more embedded computer hardware to support the stable and efficient operation of equipment. In the vehicle entertainment system, the embedded industrial tablet computer, with its higher reliable performance, can cause material expansion and deformation, open viscosity cracking, stress concentration and so on; Background 2 is the aging problem of high molecular materials in engineering use. Powerful voice recognition/multimedia display and other functions can realize a variety of intelligent operations such as human-computer interaction between drivers and vehicle mobile multimedia

the embedded computer system supports automatic control and remote information transmission. Installed in the on-board navigation system, it can realize the effective control of vehicle speed and gear. In case of danger, the on-board sensor can timely transmit the vehicle data back to the designated platform for emergency and effective rescue and security; Through the timely environmental awareness function and self-test ability of the embedded computer system, it can also realize the self inspection, self maintenance, lane keeping, Lane merging, overtaking and other intelligent driving behaviors of the whole vehicle braking system, power system and other aspects. Based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the pace of intelligent automobile manufacturing is accelerating. The realization of various intelligent functions of automobile manufacturing, printing all the detection contents by pressing the print key and stringent security requirements require automobile manufacturers to choose embedded computer systems with higher quality and performance to provide software and hardware support

North China industrial control's embedded computer product plan

North China industrial control is a leader in China's industry-specific computers. It has been deeply involved in embedded computer technology for many years and has strong R & D force. Closely following the market development trend, North China industrial control adopts smart chips from NXP, domestic Ruixin micro, domestic Hisilicon and other platforms, and has developed a series of embedded computer product solutions that can be used exclusively in automotive intelligent manufacturing

the embedded computer of North China industrial control strictly complies with the product performance requirements of industrial production standards, and can be divided into multiple display, multiple ports, multiple USB, multiple COM ports and other schemes. Compared with the general-purpose computer system, it has the characteristics of long service cycle, low power consumption, high stability, high environmental adaptability, high storage, high scalability and so on, and can provide customized services according to the differentiated needs of customers in different industries

the embedded computers of North China industrial control are based on smart cores such as pendulum impact testing machine Hisilicon and Intel. Most of them support WDR, multi-level noise reduction, six axis anti shake and a variety of image enhancement and correction algorithms, support nnie neural network computing engine, support deep learning neural network acceleration, and have powerful computing power. It has excellent performance in data transmission, information storage, audio/video coding and decoding, environmental adaptability and other aspects, and can meet a variety of demanding performance requirements of automotive intelligent manufacturing

North China industrial control adheres to innovative development, complies with the inevitable trend of a new round of information technology revolution and industrial reform, and is committed to the performance development of embedded computer systems in AI multi scenario applications

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