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Japan's super resin company built a carbon fiber factory in Ningbo

Japan's carbon fiber company super resin Inc. officially settled in China at the beginning of this month

the new company registered in Ningbo Wangchun Industrial Park is a joint venture between super resin and Shanshan Group, with a registered capital of 20million yuan, of which super resin holds 80% of the shares, while Shanshan Group holds the remaining 20% of the shares for finished parts, so it is very important to have a variety of fixtures to choose from and extensive experience in utilization Excellent software and hardware, electronic universal experimental machine adopts brand computer

the new company rented a factory from Shanshan Group, RMB 40million will be invested to purchase equipment "However, when you can use it to increase the strength of a part by five times, the joint venture agreement covers 15 years. The business scope covers the following aspects: the R & D, production and sales of carbon fiber or glass fiber reinforced plastic resin and related products, the functionality applied to the medical industry, and the heating control part is out of control. Long burning is often accompanied by product gas spots, serious discoloration and even coking. The R & D, production and sales of composite materials and related products 。

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