Detailed explanation of the reasons that affect th

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Detailed explanation of the reasons affecting the development of the foreign trade market of hardware molds

in recent years, the rapid industrial development and the competitive advantage of reducing industrial production costs on China's hardware molds. According to relevant personnel, there are five main factors affecting the development of China's mold foreign trade in the second half of the year

first, the stabilization of the global economy is conducive to stabilizing China's foreign demand. Affected by the global economy's avoidance of scald free warmth, the external environment for China's exports will also improve. However, it should also be noted that the recovery foundation of the global economy, especially the developed economies, is not yet solid. Not only is the speed and level of economic recovery uncertain, but also there is the possibility of a second economic bottom. If external demand recovers later or fluctuates, China's exports will face greater external pressure

second, the continuous adjustment of domestic policies will further support exports. Policies such as continuously increasing the export tax rebate rate of some products, readjusting the catalogue of restrictions and prohibitions on processing trade, maintaining the basic stability of the RMB/US dollar exchange rate, and increasing credit support for export enterprises have played a positive role in preventing excessive export decline in the first half of this year. In the second half of the year, these policies will play a greater role in stabilizing exports

third, changes in the global export structure will help stabilize China's exports. After the outbreak of the crisis, there have been some adjustments in the structure of Global trade products. Relevant people believe that in the case of reduced income, consumers' demand for products with lower prices has generally increased, which is reflected in the increased demand for labor-intensive products, stable or even rising prices in trade. It is expected that this trend in the international market will continue for some time. At this stage, China's export structure is still dominated by labor-intensive products, and the international market's demand for China's high-quality and low-cost export products has fallen relatively small

fourth, domestic exports are equipped with a wide variety of experimental accessories, and the production cost is kept low, which is conducive to the price competitiveness of China's exports. The reduction of production costs of export enterprises has led to the improvement of price competitiveness, which has played a supporting role in the improvement of exports. In the second half of the year, although the price of international raw materials may rise to a certain extent, the domestic price level may further decline, and the pressure of large-scale employment will also make it difficult for wages to rise. Therefore, the production costs of export enterprises will continue to remain at a low level, which is conducive to maintaining the price competitiveness of China's export products

fifth, trade protectionism will increase the difficulty of expanding exports. Under the background of intensifying international trade protectionism, China, as the third largest trading entity and the second largest exporter in the world, has become the main object of international trade friction. It is expected that trade protectionism against China will continue to maintain a high level in the second half of the year

key points of hardware mold Market Report

brand focus pattern: vatti, boss and Fangtai maintain the top three positions unchanged

product model structure: vatti j801gz is the most concerned by consumers this month

product type structure: the proportion of close suction products has increased this month

price segment structure: the mainstream price segment of the market is concentrated in yuan

in the range hood Market of China's hardware mold, there are 862 products on the market, belonging to 32 brands with breakthroughs in the research of different flexible stretchable strain sensor materials

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