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Pro/engineer extension module detailed introduction

pro/engineer is a set of mechanical automation software from design to production. It is a new generation of product modeling system. It is a parametric, feature-based solid modeling system, and has a single database function. 1. Parametric design and feature function pro/engineer is a feature-based solid modeling system with parametric design. Engineering designers use feature-based functions with intelligent characteristics to generate models, such as cavities, shells, chamfers and fillets. You can sketch at will and easily change the model. This functional feature provides engineering designers with simplicity and flexibility never before seen in design. 2. The single database pro/engineer is built on a unified base, which is applicable to the fatigue experiment of automobile, suspension spring, leaf spring, shock absorption spring and automobile axle rod, unlike some traditional cad/cam systems built on multiple databases. The so-called single database means that all the materials in the project come from one database, so that every independent user is working for the modeling of a product, no matter which department he belongs to. In other words, any change in the whole design process can also be reflected in the relevant links of the whole design process. For example, once the engineering details are changed, the NC (numerical control) tool path will also be automatically updated; If there is any change in the assembly engineering drawing, it will also be reflected on the whole three-dimensional model. The complete combination of this unique data structure and engineering design makes the design of a product combined. This advantage makes the design more optimized, the quality of finished products higher, the products can be better introduced to the market, and the price is cheaper. 1、 Pro/Engineer Pro/Engineer is a software package, not a module. It is the basic part of the system. Its functions include parametric function definition, solid parts and assembly modeling, 3D colored solid or wireframe modeling shed, complete engineering drawing generation and different views (3D modeling can also be moved, enlarged or reduced, and rotated). Pro/engineer is a function definition system, that is, modeling is realized through various special functions for design, including ribs, slots, chamfers, shells, etc. using this method to establish the shape is more natural and intuitive for engineers, without using complex geometric design methods. The parameter ratio function of this system is to assign the size of the shape in a symbolic way, unlike other systems, which directly assign some fixed values to the shape, so that engineers can establish the relationship between the size and function of the shape at will. If any parameter changes, its related features will also be automatically modified. This function makes the modification more convenient and makes the design optimization more perfect. The shape can not only be displayed on the screen, but also transferred to the plotter or some color printers that support postscript format. Pro/engineer can also output three-dimensional and two-dimensional graphics to other application software, such as finite element analysis and post-processing, which are realized through standard data exchange format. Users can also match other modules of o/engineer software in PR1 or use C language programming to enhance the function of the software. In a single user environment (without any additional modules), it has most of the design capabilities, assembly capabilities (manual) and engineering drawing capabilities (excluding ANSI, ISO, DIN or JIS standards), and supports the 2D and 3D graphics output of plotters (HP, HPGL) and black-and-white and color printers that meet industry standards. The functions of pro/engineer are as follows: 1. Feature drive (such as boss, groove, chamfer, cavity, shell, etc.); 2. Parameterization (parameters = dimensions, features in the drawing, loads, boundary conditions, etc.); 3. Design through the relationship between the characteristic values of parts, load/boundary conditions and characteristic parameters (such as surface area, etc.). 4. Support the design of large and complex assemblies (regular arrangement of series components, alternating arrangement, Pro/program's various programs that can be used to design parts in this process, etc.). 5. Complete relevance throughout all applications (changes in any place will cause changes in every place related to it). Other auxiliary modules will further improve and expand the basic functions of Pro/Engineer. 2、 Pro/assembly Pro/assembly is a parametric assembly management system, which can provide user-defined means to generate a group of assembly series and automatically replace parts. Pro/assembly is an extended option module of pro/adsassembly, which can only run in the pro/engineer environment. It has the following functions: 1. Automatic part replacement in assemblies (alternating) 2. Regularly arranged combinations (supporting assembly subsets) 3. Part generation in assembly mode (considering the existing parts in the assembly to generate a new part) 4. There is a pro/program module in pro/assembly, It provides a development tool. It enables users to write automatic programs for parameterized parts and assembly by themselves. This program enables non-technical users to produce custom designs, and only needs to input some simple parameters. 5. Component features (draw additional feature values of components composed of parts and components, such as adding a welding feature between two parts, etc.). 3、 Pro/cabling Pro/cabling provides a comprehensive cable routing function, which provides a comprehensive cable laying function package for the real design of 3D cables and wire bundles in the components of pro/engineer. The laying of three-dimensional cables can be carried out at the same time when designing and assembling electromechanical devices. It also allows engineering designers to optimize the design in the mechanical and cable space. Pro/cabling functions include: 1. New features include: cable, wire and wire harness; 2. Connector design for parts and components; 3. Laying of cables, wires and wire bundles on pro/engineer parts and components; 4. Generate the straight-line length and BOM information of cable/conductor bundle; 5. Generate three-dimensional cable bundle wiring diagram from the laid components; 6. Cable separation and connection of parameter positions; 7. Calculation of spatial distribution requirements, including interference inspection; 8. Cable quality characteristics, including volume, mass inertia and length; 9. Specified symbols for plugs and conductors. 4、 Pro/cat Pro/cat is an optional module, which provides a two-way data exchange interface between Pro/Engineer and CATIA. The modeling of CATIA can be directly input into Pro/engineer software, and Pro/ENG can be added to make the load of material damage fall in the second and third quadrants of the experimental machine, which is a good function definition and parameter process of ineer, and Pro/Engineer also

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