Detailed explanation of the relationship between t

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Detailed explanation of the relationship between packaging design and brand

the most original function of packaging is to wrap goods, which not only protects goods, but also is easy to carry. With the development of economy and society, the mission of packaging design has changed significantly, from a single practical function to many marketing functions

China has long defined packaging as a general term for several auxiliary materials, such as protecting products during circulation, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting sales. Various countries have different definitions of packaging. The United States believes that packaging is the preparation for the shipment and sale of products. Britain believes that packaging is an artistic, scientific and technological preparation for the transportation and sale of goods. Canada believes that packaging is a tool that can keep products in good condition by delivering products from suppliers to customers or consumers

however, providing professional customization solutions is still far from enough for designers. The designer's understanding of the connotation of packaging is far from what the text terms can annotate. Once the designer accepts the design Commission, he will often approach the products that need packaging with a kind of mood and emotion that goes beyond ordinary people, with his unique professional sensitivity, listen to the product, capture the coincidence point between it and consumers, make all preparations for its arrival and survival in the commodity world, and create a new life that can be accepted by the miscellaneous Commodity world. This is the packaging in the designer's mind

the most original function of packaging is to wrap the goods, which not only protects the goods, but also is easy to carry. With the development of economy and society, the mission of packaging design has changed significantly, from a single practical function to many marketing functions. For businesses, through packaging design, it becomes a symbol to publicize brands, improve product competitiveness, strengthen product characteristics, and establish corporate image. From the perspective of consumers, they also expect to get a psychological aesthetic enjoyment in addition to the consumption of goods

therefore, packaging design shoulders multiple missions, one is the needs of the product itself; Second, merchants achieve the purpose of promoting products through packaging; Third, consumers' further aesthetic requirements on packaging. In theory, the three cannot replace the utilization of petrochemical ordinary plastic products in some fields, and they are unified with each other. The common ground is how to maximize the supply of products to consumers

the American Marketing Association defines brands in this way: names, terms, logos, symbols, designs, or the sum of them that are intended to identify one or a group of vendors' goods or services and distinguish them from competitors' goods or services. Therefore, when an enterprise, a product or a service has its own name, terminology, logo, symbol, design or any combination of them, it has a brand

then, what is the value of brand for enterprises? To be exact, a well-known and respected brand is an intangible asset of an enterprise. For the enterprises marketing them, the brand can play the following roles:

1. The brand can enable an enterprise to give full play to the scale economic benefits of the enterprise through mass production of a brand of products

2. Any technology can be imitated, and the brand can not be imitated. A successful brand can form an entry barrier to competitors who try to launch their own brand

3. Brand can distinguish enterprises from their competitors, and improving the brand capital of enterprises can enhance their competitiveness in the market

4. In the market, a strong brand shape can create a lot of economic benefits for enterprises, which can make enterprises occupy a favorable market position in the relationship with retailers and other market intermediaries

5. For consumers, a respected brand is a consistent guarantee that the needs of quality, convenience and status are effectively met. It is a contract of trust for consumers

in the future competition, enterprises can not have their own factories and warehouses. Even in the highly developed Internet era in the future, you can not even have your own office space, but you can not do without your own brand. The competition of enterprises in the future will be at the brand level

in today's increasingly serious homogenization of goods, enterprises always hope to use some method to make the originally identical goods appear in front of customers in a differentiated form. The so-called "people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles", which is like people's clothing. Undoubtedly, eye-catching packaging design can help enterprises' goods stand out from many competitive brands with its superior visual recognition, Make consumers pay attention, pause, observe, appreciate and produce purchasing behavior, which is also the most ideal packaging design pursued by every business. So, what is the relationship between packaging design and brand

I. packaging is the visual carrier of brand

packaging design is a comprehensive and systematic work, which organically combines brand trademark, text information, pattern, color, shape, materials and other elements according to different purposes. On the basis of considering commodity characteristics, following the basic principles of brand design, the visual symbols of the brand are integrated into the packaging design to the greatest extent to form a unique brand personality, While distinguishing competitive products, it is necessary to clarify which enterprise the product belongs to

the words and pictures on the package must be aimed at attracting customers' attention and directly promoting the brand. Only with clear information and standardized content, can they not mislead consumers and cause adverse effects on the brand. Therefore, the following principles should be followed in packaging design:

1. The packaging style clearly reflects the characteristics of the product, and consumers can understand the attributes of the product at the first sight of the packaging

2. The packaging should be able to fully display the goods. Use vivid color photos to truly represent products. This is the most popular in food packaging, such as chocolate, candy, canned food, etc. color photos show the color, taste and shape of products to make people salivate. The product can also be fully displayed in the form of transparent packaging and skylight opening, which is very popular in food, toys and textiles

3. The packaging text information must be detailed and detailed. There are usually written descriptions about the ingredients, efficacy, use and shelf life of the product, bar code, manufacturer, etc. on the package, and concise schematic diagrams should be provided if necessary

4. The design style should emphasize the special colors representing the brand image. Appropriate use of colors that reflect the brand image will enable consumers to have a certain visual reflection and quickly perceive the brand by virtue of colors. For example, the red cake body of Coca Cola and the blue bottle body of Pepsi Cola

second, packaging is a brand sales tool

packaging without the introduction or demonstration of salespeople, consumers can understand the goods and decide to buy by relying on the self introduction of pictures and texts on the packaging screen

how to make packaging design have strong sales force? Usually, the process of purchasing goods is divided into several steps: seeing that the product packaging is moved by the product, consumers realize the purchase. These three steps will determine the key functions of packaging design:

1 Starting from the display environment, highlight the visual impact of the brand in terms of packaging color, pattern, style and so on, so as to be different from similar products, and finally take off

2. From the aspects of brand positioning and brand personalization, we should clearly target the crowd and choose the appropriate channels, so as to determine the packaging design style to highlight the important information that consumers pay attention to, such as brand and interest points

3. According to the channel and price differences, design packaging with added value, sense of quality and aesthetic feeling. These elements are complementary to brand value and are important means to enhance brand reputation

third, packaging is the embodiment of brand quality

the quality of packaging design directly affects consumers' judgment of product quality. At the same time, it will have a joint effect on the brand, believing that the value of the brand is equal to the product quality, and finally classified as an untrustworthy brand. This result is a fatal blow to both brands and products

take the products of luxury brands as an example: such as CD perfume and cosmetics. Such products are particularly required to have a unique personality. They need to have a special temperament and a sense of nobility in terms of packaging shape, material, color and technology, so as to create a mysterious charm and incredible atmosphere, and show a fascinating romantic atmosphere. Only such visual and psychological feelings can give consumers the enjoyment of a high-end brand, high-quality products and high added value. It's natural to pay

IV. packaging is the communication channel of brands

product packaging carrying a lot of brand information, placed on the shelves of shopping malls and supermarkets, is a silent advertisement, and every shopping consumer is its audience. In a wide range of products, brands are recognized and purchased by relying on product packaging. As the quality and taste of products are gradually accepted and loved, brands are deeply embedded in the hearts of consumers

the brand spreads through other forms of advertising, such as outdoor billboards, television advertisements, print media advertisements, etc., to form consumers' awareness of the brand, but ultimately to implement the purchase of products, often at the critical moment of purchase, change the goal of choice, and the communication work done by the brand will be greatly discounted or wasted

the product packaging located at the terminal, with a unique communication channel, has zero distance contact with consumers, and is the first line of brand value realization. Only when the packaging design perfectly reflects the brand value, brand quality, brand strength, product quality, grease anti-wear performance measurement method (4 ball machine method) and product attractiveness, can the role of brand communication channel be played more effectively. On the contrary, the brand image will be mercilessly destroyed

brand building is a long-term process. With the development and extension of products, packaging will serve brand promotion and product sales for a long time, which is an essential link and an irreplaceable element. With the correct packaging design method, we should not ignore the important relationship between packaging and brand, which has become a stumbling block to the development of brand image

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