Detailed introduction of the hottest three-dimensi

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Detailed introduction of three-dimensional labels and signs

surface materials used: PVC (including coarse sand surface, fine sand surface, bright surface), polytetrafluoroethylene (i.e. Teflon) PTFE, polycarbonate PC (including sand surface, bright surface, mirror surface), coated paper art paper (shading/mirror surface), polyester PET (silver plating, gold plating), ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer EVA, polyethylene PE, kraft paper, epoxy resin epoxy, copper Miaolong, silver dragon, gold-plated paper Silver plated paper, synthetic paper (cpc/pp/hyl/tough paper/pearlescent paper), foil paper, aluminum sheet Al, textured paper

films used: transparent PET translucent pet translucent OPP translucent OPP transparent PVC shiny white PVC matte white PVC synthetic paper shiny gold (silver) polyester matte gold (silver) polyester

glue types used: General Super Sticky type, general strong sticky type, refrigerated food strong sticky type, general reopening type, fiber reopening type

use base paper: white, blue, yellow gracine paper, glassine (or garlic coated paper, onion), kraft paper, polyester, pet coated paper, polyethylene

applicator: propylene acrylonitrile ABS chloroethylene hard chloroethylene soft polystyrene polyester PET polyethylene melamine spray glass spray metal stainless steel iron paper Polish corrugated paper The 000 ton/year ethylene production plant will be officially put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2015. The research results of rubber, sugarcane board, coated wood, cotton, nylon, magnet have opened up a new way for the research of cooling or heating materials. Tic brick, acryl board, EVA foam alkyd paint, aluminum aluminum aluminum (aluminum 1, sample placement UM), galvanized steel Acrylic and polycarbonate mixture (abs/pc) polycarbonate (PC) phenolic plastics

product function: heat and water resistance deposit bank: ABC Beijing Xuanwu branch business department light resistance, low temperature adaptability, die cutting adaptability, weather resistance, seepage resistance, anti-counterfeiting, fire protection, environmental protection and wear resistance

application field: 1 Computer and peripheral equipment; Electronic equipment; 3. Household appliances; 4. Office or personal electronic equipment; 5. Advertising; 6. Decoration; 7. Toys; 8. Mechanical equipment and sports equipment; 9. Gifts; 10. Office supplies, etc

source: fine chemicals in the 21st century

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