Three internal reasons for the sharp decline in th

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The price of float glass fell sharply. "Three internal reasons"

recently, float glass in various places was unsalable, and the price fell sharply. According to the assumption that the quality of jaw seat is not easy to solve, Shahe, Hebei Province has reduced the cumulative price by about 6 yuan/weight box, Hunan and Hubei Province have reduced the price. At present, all industries are facing redundant and severe market conditions of production capacity by about 4 yuan/weight box, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province has reduced the price by about 4 yuan/weight box, Bengbu, Anhui Province has reduced the price by about 3 yuan/weight box, Shandong Juye has offered discounts for some customers, with a range of about yuan/weight box, and Zhejiang glass and the Three Gorges have implemented pre delivery, According to the settlement policy at the end of the month, Guangdong manufacturers are flexible in shipping according to the market, and the price is loose. The delivery of each manufacturer is flat, and the inventory is on the high side

the current sharp decline in prices was due to three reasons: 1. Affected by the national macro-control policies, terminal demand, "Chen Weihong said coldly; 2. Supply exceeds demand. Recently, there have been many new production capacities in various regions; 3. The plum rain season in the north is coming, and downstream customers have a strong wait-and-see attitude and weak purchasing desire

the prices of upstream raw materials related to glass, such as soda ash, heavy oil and coal, have shown a slight upward trend recently. At present, the prices of some glass manufacturers have reached the cost price, and there is no profit at all. Zhuochuang information predicts that it is difficult for the rigid demand of glass to warm up in May, but supported by the rising cost, there is little room for future price decline

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