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Detailed introduction of the mobile winch

the mobile winch has the advantages of reasonable structure, small volume, light weight, great utility, flexible operation, convenient handling, 90, 180 stripping clamps and so on. It is especially suitable for the erection of pole towers or mobile paying off in the construction of large but not strong roads in China's new material industry of electric power and post and telecommunications lines. It can also be used for hoisting and towing heavy objects in buildings, yards, organization heads and other places. It is suitable for the field without electric fields, and it is flexible to use, Convenient. It is necessary to maintain ten times the normal operation of the motorized winch when it is often used. Proper maintenance can prolong the service life of the motorized winch. Strengthening the maintenance of the pair grinder can save some necessary expenses. The operator should understand the structure and performance of the whole machine and master the use method skillfully. The motor-driven winch adopts engine and gasoline engine. The motor is the dynamic power supply, which is transmitted to the clutch through the V-belt, input to the speed box through the clutch, and transmitted to the drum through the gear clutch. There are two kinds of braking devices in the gear box: automatic gear brake and clutch transmission interlocking brake, which play a braking role in the positive direction and in the reverse direction

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