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UV dryer UV equipment detailed introduction to UV curing process

UV curing process is the most cutting-edge application of photochemical reaction. Through a certain intensity of UV irradiation, it can instantly cure inks, coatings, adhesives and other related chemicals. With the development of science and technology, UV dryer and UV equipment appear, and UV curing involves a wider range of fields. The project is based on the principle of "major expertise". Since its birth in 1960, UV curing process has been widely used in the manufacturing of automotive, electronics, communications, aerospace, metal, glass and plastic products. It accounts for 4% of the global coating industry and is a large market of billions of dollars. With the improvement of product quality and excellent environmental performance, it replaces the traditional curing process at a rate of more than 10% per year. With the increasingly extensive surface treatment of UV curable coatings on plastic parts such as lamps and TV casings, the requirements of various supporting UV curable coating production lines for quality and the location of fatigue cracks at the end of each cycle without every stripe mark are also getting higher and higher What is UV

uv is the English abbreviation of ultra violet ray Industrial UV wavelengths range from 200nm to 450 nm UV curing process refers to the process of hardening a hardenable material by irradiating it with UV

second, what is cutting

curing translates into hardening (or curing) In the UV curing process, the liquid UV irradiation hardens the material, and after UV irradiation, it instantly becomes a solid processing process, which is called curing Hardening cutting is similar to but different from the traditional drying process. The difference is that the drying process has solvent volatilization, while the hardening process has no solvent volatilization

III Why use UV coating

1. It can reduce energy waste

2. No solvent volatilization will cause air pollution Conducive to environmental protection

3 The curing time is shortened and the production efficiency is improved

4. The required equipment space is small, which can reduce the investment cost of the plant

5. High gloss

6 Less waste

IV The hardening principle of UV irradiated hardenable materials

the photoinitiator in UV irradiated hardenable materials absorbs some special wavelengths of light in the UV spectrum (wavelength nm) and produces bond breaking situations. These bond breaking substances then impact monomers and prepolymers to produce chain bridging reactions, instantly changing the material from liquid to solid

v What is the type of UV light source equipment of UV dryer

there are two kinds of light sources used to harden UV hardening materials:

1, electrode type UV light source (arc UV lamp) The lamp tube of electrode type UV light source is a quartz tube. After vacuumizing, a certain amount of mercury or filler metal is injected and connected with the power supply


1) the radiation intensity of the lamp tube is easy to decay, and the service life of the lamp tube is short, generally in hours

2) the lamp tube is 23~26mm thick in diameter, so the focusing design is not easy, and the light reflection intensity is less

3) the spectrum selection has low reflexes, and the spectrum will shift with the use of time

4) the cooling system is upward suction, which is easy to cause pollution of the lamp tube and reflector cover

5) the UV light ratio emitted is low. The IR (infrared) light ratio is relatively high

6) the lamp tube is cheap and universal,

2 electrodeless graphic imaging UV lamp

the lamp tube of electrodeless UV light source is made of a quartz tube, which is vacuumed, injected with a certain amount of mercury or filled with some special materials, and then sealed. There is no electrode in the lamp, and the operation process of the hydraulic pressure testing machine is in. UV light is generated by microwave excitation of mercury or special materials in the lamp tube. Features:


1) it can be started instantly,

2) the reflection intensity of the lamp tube is stable, and its radiation intensity or spectral shift will not be affected if it is used for a long time, with a long service life of more than 8000 hours

3) the cooling system is blow down type, and the cleaning of the lamp tube and reflector cover is relatively easy to manage

4) the price is very high

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