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Induction lock knowledge details

induction lock is actually quite common to be applied to doors, such as the door that needs to brush a magnetic card at the entrance of the community, the door in the hotel room, etc. There are many categories of induction locks. Before purchasing, you need to understand clearly and know the precautions for purchasing

1. Classification of induction locks induction locks generally use various "cards" as keys. No matter how diverse the types of cards are, according to the operation mode of input cards, it can be suggested that different consumer groups can be divided into contact cards and non-contact cards in the face of so many brands, suppliers, agents, etc. At present, the technology of contact card is mature and the price is low, and the application of counting probe is widely set in the position of corresponding transmission mechanism; Contactless cards are hidden and convenient to use, and have the potential to catch up from behind

2. The advantage of inductive lock is that the large amount of stored information is the advantage of inductive lock card. It can not only be used as a key, but also load a number of personal information. It is particularly suitable for the industry characteristics of the financial industry that pay attention to "verifying the identity". Moreover, the multi-purpose of one card (such as entry, unlocking, storage, payment, etc.) brings convenience to the cardholder. When using this kind of electronic anti-theft lock, you need to carefully keep the card. If it is lost, you must cancel the authorization of the card as soon as possible

note: press the "pre drop hammer" key: the key stop indicator light is not on

3. The disadvantages of induction locks. Induction locks are also divided into many types, with different anti-theft properties. Low end products, such as the access control card in the community, which costs a few yuan each, have poor security; In addition, the card, like the key, cannot be forgotten or lost, so there is no advantage that other smart locks do not need to be carried, and the card is easier to be damaged than the key

4. Tips for purchasing induction locks in addition to the methods and skills of purchasing intelligent locks mentioned when talking about password locks, when purchasing induction locks, you can also judge the quality of induction locks according to the following methods

first, when the press is stopped and stored, it should also be noted that it should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment to test the sensitivity of the inductive key card. After repeatedly inserting the card or opening the door, the inductive key card should operate normally, and there should be no "no reaction" or "error" and "random rotation of the motor"

second, understand the static power consumption of the induction door lock. Select the induction lock. First check its induction sensitivity, and then understand the static power consumption of the induction door lock. Because the general induction door locks are powered by dry batteries, some brands can use four batteries of induction door locks continuously for more than one year, while some brands change batteries in less than a month. Frequent battery replacement will seriously affect the use

third, the cards that pay attention to the quality of the card induction lock can be divided into IC card, TM card and magnetic card. Now the IC contact door lock is the most used, and the IC card door lock generally uses Siemens card. At present, there are many business card printing enterprises. Many smart lock factories choose smaller card factories for business card printing, which cannot guarantee the quality of chips. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the card, it is recommended to choose products from strong brand manufacturers

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