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On January, the 10th annual ceremony of China's IDC industry (idcc2015) was grandly held in Beijing National Convention Center. The conference was guided by the China Institute of information and communications, the cloud computing development and policy forum and the data center alliance, hosted by the Organizing Committee of the annual ceremony of China IDC industry, organized by the China IDC circle, and strongly supported by various multimedia

as the largest and most influential landmark event in the field of cloud computing and data center in China, the annual ceremony of China's IDC industry has been successfully held for nine times before. At this conference, both the specification and scale have reached a higher level, attracting a large number of on-site personnel, and its influence fully covers data center, Internet, cloud computing, big data and other fields

on the spot of the plenary meeting on January 6

at the plenary meeting on January 6, relevant leaders of the Ministry of industry and information technology, IDC enterprises, telecom operators, Internet enterprises, equipment manufacturers and other elites from various industries gathered together to cook wine and talk. Chenjiachun, deputy director of the information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and liuduo, vice president of the China Institute of information and communication, attended the conference and delivered opening speeches

speech at the conference

chenjiachun, deputy director of the information and Communication Development Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In recent years, China's information and communication industry has developed rapidly. As an important infrastructure for the development of Internet, cloud computing and big data industries, data centers have also developed rapidly. I think this relationship exists between countries and between enterprises. At present, China's data center ecosystem is gradually being established, which requires the joint efforts and close cooperation of all parties to jointly build a community of shared future for the industry. For the development of the industry, chenjiachun put forward several views: first, grasp the important opportunities for the development of cloud computing and further consolidate the industrial strength; Second, guide the rational layout of data centers and promote the wide application of green energy-saving technologies; Third, the development of China's data center cloud computing and other industries is still in its infancy and requires joint efforts of all parties

Liu duo, vice president of China Institute of information and communications, delivered a speech at the conference. In the speech, Liu duo, vice president of China Institute of information and communications, introduced some recent work achievements of China Institute of information and communications. First, support the government's decision-making and promote the implementation of relevant policies. For example, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the State Council and other government departments have successively issued some major policies for the time when the manual aging process is not specified in the product standards, including cloud computing, big data, Internet +, mass entrepreneurship and innovation, etc; Second, promote the standardization of the industry and improve the comprehensive service capacity; It has released eight technical achievements with international advanced level, such as Scorpio plan version 2.5, Scorpio 3.0 development plan and machine cabinet development report, which are in line with the policy guidance of the national data center. Promote the implementation of green energy-saving policies for the entire data center, and carry out Poe and green level certification for the data center together with the international organization, namely, green grid. She said: she hopes to help or support the development of the entire data center industry with our industry colleagues under the leadership of the government

award ceremony

scene of on-site award presentation

at the plenary meeting on January 6, the Organizing Committee announced the results of the annual evaluation of China's IDC industry in 2015 and presented relevant awards. These include 2015 China IDC industry most influential enterprise award, 2015 China IDC industry most growth enterprise award, 2015 China IDC industry innovation enterprise award, 2015 China IDC industry most investment value enterprise award, 2015 China IDC industry pioneer enterprise award, 2015 China IDC industry basic operator of excellent operation data center, excellent security protection data center operator, 2015 China IDC industry excellent third-party data center award 2015 China IDC industry excellent virtual machine Award, 2015 China IDC industry excellent hosting service award, excellent cloud computing basic service provider, cloud computing excellent operation service unit, 2015 China IDC Industry Green Data Center award, data center cloud platform and service best solution provider, data center energy saving best application, data center high-quality service provider, best private cloud solution provider There are 19 awards in total for the best operation and maintenance service provider of the data center and the excellent Cloud Security Service Award

keynote speech

after the award ceremony, the conference officially entered the keynote speech session. First of all, Dr. hebaohong, deputy director of the Institute of communication standards, China Academy of information and communications, gave a wonderful speech on the theme of 2016 Internet development outlook. In his speech, he said: on the whole, we need the data center to be continuously modularized, continuously productized and continuously serviced. It needs to be delivered as a whole to improve its speed. At present, it is still far from the data center that cloud computing hopes to obtain, and continuous efforts are needed for this purpose. The future of the data center is the computer, which is used to provide computing services. The future of our data center is to appear as a service

then, wangshenghang, chief consultant of IBM cloud computing, shared a speech on the theme of "cloud: helping enterprises win the future intelligently". He mentioned that cloud computing has four parts. The first is cloud, IDC, etc; Second, we help enterprises' R & D departments with poor self lubrication to shorten the R & D cycle, so that products can be brought to the market faster; Third, how can we integrate the industry and integrate the upstream and downstream enterprises through cloud computing to make them more competitive and sticky. Fourth, cognitive computing is the future development direction. How to better integrate cloud computing with it to provide powerful analysis and decision-making is the direction of cloud computing in the next few years, rather than simply providing cloud IDC

following wangshenghang, Wang Wei, vice president of R & D of H3C, shared their achievements in cloud computing last year and their future development strategies. Looking forward to the future, there will be more development in several aspects compared with the same period last year: the first is the development of technology. Now we are changing from cloud and integration to cloud, security and ecology. From the private cloud services of the past special cloud to more public cloud cooperation, forming a hybrid cloud. Delivery forward we are moving from standardization to scenario, forming the development of enterprise cloud system, education cloud system and government cloud system

after that, philipmak, general manager of cloud computing business from Microsoft (China), shared a wonderful speech on the theme of "Microsoft Cosn hybrid cloud and IDC co present big data/iot". Regarding how to help IDC enterprises enter the market, philipmak said: Microsoft has mature products that can help IDC enterprises enter the market very quickly. In addition, it can help IDC enterprises reduce the overall cost. Microsoft only charges for physical nodes, and all virtual service fees are free

Huang Qiong, marketing director of China HP cloud computing group, delivered a wonderful speech on the theme of "work together for win-win cloud to enlighten the transformation of IDC in the era of future concept economy". As a specialized cloud computing department, Huang Gu believes that HPE also provides a good service platform, marketplace, from strategic consulting to scheme implementation, including subsequent operation and maintenance. It can customize its own marketplace for each IDC. This is the main direction of HPE in China this year

in the afternoon meeting, Chen Liang, senior vice president of Wanguo data, took the lead to deliver her keynote speech, and focused on three aspects: first, discuss in detail the development trend of data center and enterprise it demand; The second part describes the new ecology of hybrid cloud data center understood by the world; Third, introduce the enterprise level data center of Wanguo

later, Guoxiao, chief architect of Huayun data, gave a keynote speech on best practices of cloud computing helping IDC transformation. He said: the best practice of IDC cloudization of Huayun data is the Meisheng cloud data center. Based on the Meisheng data center, we build a high-quality data node of Huayun. We copied this data node in many cities across the country. In may2016, we completed the replication of five data centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong from imitation to independent renovation, All the five data centers are directly connected by dedicated lines

at the meeting, zhangzhenqing, CEO of 21vianet, delivered a speech with the theme of consolidating information infrastructure and building a new ecosystem of collaborative innovation. How can 21vianet exert its influence in the globalized network infrastructure under the new environment? Zhangzhenqing said: we still put forward to pay attention to customers and core business. On the premise of paying attention to the core business, the high-quality computer room is the focus of our future strategy

then, easystack co-founder coo wangruilin shared with us openstack reshaping IDC business model, focusing on some features and application scenarios of escaas. Driven by the interconnection + business of TCL, the demands for cloud computing, products and services gave birth to escaas. That is to say, CAAS is a progressive innovation product derived from the real needs of customers

at the end of the keynote speech, Mr. houguangji, deputy general manager of delischindler, took the stage. He shared with us a speech on the theme of "helping the Internet + accelerating the development of IDC". He mentioned that in 2015, delixunda built and operated more than 6000 cabinets, and began to plan and layout in 2015. The layout of internationalization, including the data centers in Hong Kong and North America, has been planned. In 2016, we will accelerate the layout of internationalization, and we will focus on building several data centers in Hong Kong and North America

peak dialogue

peak dialogue session

after the wonderful keynote speech, maodonghui, general manager of cloud computing business unit in Greater China of IBM, Mo Rong, general manager of Yuntai Internet, sunqiong, general manager of CyberLink investment, and Wang Shuo, director of Phoenix R & D and operation and maintenance, started a dialogue around the "data center + method". The audience was impressed by the incisive views, interesting interpretations and witty answers. It is undoubtedly an interconnected feast shared by hearing and vision

after the meeting, the guests and listeners spoke highly of the success of today's meeting. The content of the meeting was substantial, the keynote speech and summit dialogue were commendable, and there was no lack of insight into the industry. As we all know, with the rapid development of cloud computing, big data, intelligent devices and other emerging industries, the rapid rise of Internet infrastructure is behind it. Especially in 2015, China's data center industry has a good momentum of development, and the upsurge of cross-border entry into the data center field continues to rise; The enthusiasm for data center construction is also increasing; At the same time, many traditional IDC enterprises have embarked on the road of listing; The confrontation between traditional and new forces in the CDN market presents a situation of hundred schools of thought contending. On the occasion of this new journey, the 10th annual ceremony of China's IDC industry was held, which played a great role in promoting the development of IDC industry

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