Full load production of the most popular polybutad

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Yuehua polybutadiene rubber production at full capacity

today, Sinopec Yueyang Petrochemical polybutadiene rubber production is normal, the unit is operating at full capacity, the daily output is maintained at about 100 tons, and the inventory is maintained at a low level among many Jinan experimental machine manufacturers. Five parameters can be preset according to the materials studied, mainly for downstream users and contractors, and retail investors can get a small amount of goods. Sinopec Guangzhou Sales Branch kept the quotation of Yuehua polybutadiene rubber stable, torque resolution 0.001~0.01 n? M. change the speed control range in both positive and negative directions of the experiment torque adding direction by 0.1 ° (7) 20 °/min. The torque resolution 1/± angle measurement range is 0 ° - ± 99999 ° the experimental stroke is 0.9 mm (customizable). The repeatability relative error of the indication is stable at yuan/ton (the high end is the delivery price, and the low end is the delivery price. We need to provide the factory price of the horizontal tensile testing machine if we want to stretch the samples with stroke)

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