Full construction of Dahuangshan Tianchi section

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On June 10, it was learned from the transportation construction administration of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region that the construction of the Dahuangshan Tianchi section of national highway 216 had started on June 6

it is understood that the section from Xingfu intersection of Dahuang mountain to Tianchi intersection of national highway 216 is a key highway in national planning, that is, an important part of Altay Ruoqiang highway. It is the most convenient passage from Altay region in Northern Xinjiang to Urumqi. It is also a part of the main framework of highways in the autonomous region and plays an important role in Xinjiang highways

the implementation of the project will play a very positive role in improving regional roads, promoting the transformation of advantageous resources and the economic development of areas along the line

according to the introduction, the quality and price of the national highway impact testing machine are linked to the total length of the Dahuangshan Tianchi section of line 216, which is 544000 meters for the convenience of customers. The estimated investment is 469million yuan, and the construction period is two years. It is divided into two contract sections, which are respectively constructed by Xinjiang Beixin construction road and Bridge Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang northern mechanized road construction engineering office

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