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As a leader in the global photovoltaic glass industry, Follett group has been rooted in Xiuzhou for a long time and has an international vision, which makes the "old brand" manufacturing enterprise, Follett group, go further and further in the global pursuit of the "glass dream". According to the company's annual report, the net profit of last fiscal year reached 4. RMB 300million, up 10% year on year. 5%。 Today, fulette has 7 subsidiaries. Last year, fulette was successfully listed in Hong Kong, becoming one of the world's largest photovoltaic glass manufacturers and laying a leading position in the industry

In 1998, Follett glass was established with a registered capital of 510000 yuan. In 2002, Follett built a glass deep processing base covering an area of 112 Mu at Xiuyuan Road, Xiuzhou Industrial Park. In 2006, it entered the photovoltaic glass industry and independently researched and developed photovoltaic glass, float glass, engineering glass, household glass and other products in Shanghai, becoming the leading enterprise in China to produce photovoltaic glass products on a large scale. When expecting to further expand production, the enterprise thought of returning. In 2008, it invested in the Jiafu glass production project in Honghe Town, Xiuzhou District, and put it into production that year. After that, freighter time & effort accelerated its development and invested 21% in Xiuzhou Industrial Park in 2009. 500million yuan to build the headquarters of glass production base. Today, the company's global market share of photovoltaic glass exceeds 20%

"at present, fulette's products cover four major fields: solar photovoltaic glass, high-quality float glass, engineering glass and household glass, as well as the construction of solar photovoltaic power stations and quartzite mining, forming a relatively complete industrial chain." Yuanfei, executive deputy director of the president's office of fulette group, said. The company's products are widely used in construction, photovoltaic power generation and other industries at home and abroad, and have been successfully used in the Olympic Stadium "bird's nest" and the Expo "China's pavilion for stretching, bending, tightening or pulling plastic material splines"

with the continuous promotion of automobile lightweight

when it comes to the reasons why enterprises take root in Xiuzhou for development, ruanhongliang, chairman of Follett group, said that he not only took a fancy to the "location of Shanghai and land price of Zhejiang" in Xiuzhou, but also took a fancy to the sincerity and pragmatism of the government in treating Zhejiang businessmen after measuring the increase of density (or the increase of coating thickness) after friction, and took a fancy to the policy soft environment here. He told that, as a native of Jiaxing, he took root in local entrepreneurship and gave concern and support to the development of enterprises from the province to Jiaxing, Xiuzhou to Xiuzhou Industrial Park and Honghe town. For this Zhejiang Merchants' return project, Xiuzhou District has opened a "green channel" to provide "one-stop" services, and has held project coordination meetings for many times to solve difficulties and problems. The Jiafu glass production project has been started and put into operation in the same year. In the company's investment in the construction of 10million square meters of solar photovoltaic ultra white glass and other projects, Xiuzhou District has recovered 538 mu of unused land provided by 7 enterprises according to law by "moving from low to high", all of which are used for fulette phase II, effectively meeting the needs of enterprise development

it is understood that Xiuzhou adheres to the "return of Zhejiang Merchants" as the "No. 1 project" of the current economic work, takes multiple measures in terms of policy, land and finance, and establishes a Zhejiang Merchants Service Center as the "project manager" to provide "one-stop" services and help enterprises solve practical problems, winning the unanimous praise of the "fast, convenient, reliable and reassuring" return of Zhejiang merchants. Ruan Hongliang is not the only one who sees a bright future in Xiuzhou. Over the past four years, Xiuzhou District has introduced 177 Zhejiang Merchants' return projects, with a total of 110 funds in place outside the province. 5.1 billion yuan. Among them, Shangwu metal project, Weiming logistics and Baowan logistics were all selected as major projects of Zhejiang Merchants' return. Xiuzhou District has also become the unit of Jiaxing city that has been selected as the major project of Zhejiang Merchants' return for four consecutive years

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