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Don't be confused by advertisements when shopping for electric water heaters

with the gradual cooling of the weather, the competition of water heater brands in the market is more intense. In terms of advertising, there are also various ways, and there are many tricks. As consumers, they should not only identify various advertising gimmicks, but also recognize gold with insight, and pick out good products that really suit them, which requires a little common sense and methods. It is believed that the stainless steel liner is the best. How good the material of the electric water heater liner is? In order to attract consumers, manufacturers have made great efforts to choose a good sounding and distinctive liner name for the liner. In fact, the liner material is divided into stainless steel and steel plate. Consumers often have a misconception that stainless steel liners will not rust and be corroded. In fact, the stainless steel liner has the biggest hidden danger - the weld. After the weld melts, the material of stainless steel has changed fundamentally. It is no longer the original stainless steel. Don't you see that the weld of some finished stainless steel products will rust for a long time. The faulty welding part cannot be inspected before leaving the factory. After being used or placed for a period of time, the weld will gradually leak water, and the chromium ion in stainless steel is easy to be corroded by the fluorine ion in tap water. In addition, the cost of stainless steel is relatively expensive. In order to reduce the cost, many manufacturers use relatively thin stainless steel as the liner, which is usually only 0.5% 6~1. 0mm, the pressure resistance decreases, and the water heater is more likely to leak, which directly affects the service life of the water heater. Therefore, in Europe, some developed countries do not use stainless steel as the liner material, and the fact that the water heater with stainless steel as the liner in the market cannot be used to provide hot water to many places also illustrates the unreliable pressure resistance of stainless steel. Another kind of steel liner can be divided into resin liner and enamel liner. Crystalline silicon liner, gold silicon liner, glass liner and high glaze liner actually refer to enamel, that is, steel plate layer plus enamel layer. The reason why there are all kinds of statements is just the propaganda of the business. It's just that they want to be different. Enamel, a material containing silicon metal, is called enamel in Europe and glass in the United States. Besides, if glass is used as the liner, how can it bear pressure? Know that glass is fragile and does not withstand pressure. Therefore, only by understanding the truth can we make the right choice. It is said that a famous brand has launched a new model of electric water heater in the market. The so-called "water and power supply are really safe", which means that the electricity is cut off at the moment of water coming out, and the separation of water and electricity is really achieved. In fact, after careful analysis, it is not difficult for my wife to show the weakness of this product: first, if the safety performance of anti leakage is good, is it necessary for us to spend money on this water outlet and power-off device? The separation of water and electricity is a device that electric heaters should have. Only if it is congenitally deficient, it should be supplemented the day after tomorrow. Without sufficient anti leakage measures, it is necessary to design barriers for corner electricity prevention. On the one hand, it shows that the safety technology of this product is not hard and reliable. Secondly, because of these devices, the cost of products will increase, and consumers spend more money on this device, deviating from the safety principles they should have and buying some so-called safety products. If the water heater really needs this device, why not set it up at the beginning. Third, if you switch on and off any household appliances frequently, including the water heater, its life will be shortened. Moreover, if the power is cut off during bathing, it means that the electric water heater will no longer heat. Then, with the increase of bathing time, the outflow water will become colder and colder





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