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The top ten brands of whole house customization teach you to judge whether products are environmentally friendly. "Environmental protection" has attracted more and more attention. With the improvement of people's living standards, "environmental protection" has attracted more and more attention. With the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption concept has naturally changed greatly, and price is no longer the key factor affecting consumers. Through this article, Hongchao noble wooden door experts will introduce how to judge whether the products are environmentally friendly

according to relevant media reports, when more than 80% of consumers buy home decoration building materials products, the primary consideration is whether the products are environmentally friendly? In recent years, the trend of environmental protection in the household industry has been blowing vigorously, which has not only the attention of the state, but also the attention and demand of consumers. It can be seen that in the future, China's home building materials market will be dominated by "green consumption"

at present, the whole house customization industry is in full swing. Due to the low threshold, some small workshop enterprises have been attracted to the whole house customization industry. In the customized home market, brands are mixed. How to choose environmentally friendly customized furniture has become the key? According to the data released by the China Quality wanlihang complaint department, the total number of complaints about home building materials and decoration has increased year by year. Consumer complaints mainly focus on product quality, material fraud, formaldehyde exceeding the standard, false publicity, delayed delivery and installation, poor after-sales service and so on. As we all know, formaldehyde has been identified as a kind of carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and formaldehyde is the main pollutant in newly decorated homes in China. The data also shows that the formaldehyde content of new house decoration furniture, flooring, decoration materials and other products exceeds the standard, which is also one of the problems with high frequency in industrial and commercial sampling inspection over the years

in an interview with reporters, President Cheng of Hongchao noble whole house customization believes that the environmental protection of whole house customization is not environmental protection for the following reasons: first, the main components of whole house customization are plates, hardware accessories, and functional accessories, of which plates account for more than 85% of the whole house customization products, and some even more. The plates used in whole house customization not only directly affect the quality of the products, but also determine whether the products are environmental protection? All products customized by Hongchao noble's whole house are made of brand solid wood multi-layer boards and imported New Zealand pine. We resolutely use traditional density boards, Aosong boards and other boards with ultra-high formaldehyde content. In addition, we use bright glue, Dabao paint, and German Fushili hardware locks to start from the source to ensure that the customized products of Hongchao noble's whole house are truly environmental friendly. Secondly, edge banding is also very important. If the edge banding is firm and fine, it can prevent denaturation and prolong the service life of the cabinet. The firm edge banding can reduce and inhibit the diffusion and volatilization of formaldehyde. Hongchao aristocratic whole house customization in this regard, on the one hand, through the use of skilled and skilled masters in Anqing area, and on the other hand, through the quality control of key processes in the production process, we should pay attention to the quality control in the production process. Finally, look at the price and brand. Generally, small factories take the route of low-cost products, and do not hesitate to use low-cost boards with excessive formaldehyde to steal work and reduce materials, and shoddy products to seize the market. Whole house customization belongs to medium and high-end customization, so consumers should compare and distinguish the authenticity of whole house customization. When consumers buy products, they can compare and compare the brands, or search the image and influence of the brand online to see the specific reputation of the brand. Hongchao noble's whole house customization launched the brand concept of "private customization, exclusive and noble". Adhering to the purpose of providing consumers with more value-added, high-quality and environmental protection consumption protection, Hongchao noble's whole house customization is "China's top ten wooden door brands", "China's top 30 wooden doors", "top 10 enterprises of whole house customization". Moreover, Hongchao noble's whole house customization has just won the "2015 Anhui integrity enterprise", which is a trustworthy and purchased whole house customization brand




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