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Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and healthy home life. Xindi jiameimu door conforms to the development of society and people's needs. The ecological door and wooden door launched adhere to the standards of environmental protection and health, and strive to practice the corporate mission of "the founder of healthy life"

xindijia Meimu door, an expert in eco door manufacturing, has focused on quality for 13 years, artistic creation for 13 years, and green advocacy for 13 years. Since its launch, xindijia Meimu door has been deeply aware of the important role of integrating environmental protection home furnishings and Humanities and arts, as well as the ultimate demand trend of society, relying on the Millennium heritage of wood culture in Luban and 13 years of professional production experience of wood doors. Green, environmental protection, health and art have become the value proposition and development direction of xindijia Meimu door

xindijia meimumen has always adhered to and strengthened the pursuit of environmental protection, and strictly guaranteed the health and quality of products from raw material procurement to production control. Xindijia Meimu door the material of each wooden door always puts "environmental protection" in the first place, and has the excellent properties of durability and wear resistance, high strength, not easy to deform, preventing cracking, as well as sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, moisture prevention, etc., so that consumers' lives are safer and healthier. In addition, the balance layer of xindijia Meimu door adopts green carbon crystal moisture-proof board, which has the advantages of moisture-proof, flame-retardant, detoxification, high hardness, good flatness, strong impact resistance, and environmental protection grade above E0; The glue adopts the original German Henkel glue, which is environmental friendly, non-toxic and hot pressed at high temperature to ensure that the door panel is not easy to crack and deform! Excellent quality, successfully passed the quality management system certification and China environmental labeling product certification

xindijia Meimu door pursues perfection and pays attention to details. With a scientific, systematic, rigorous and standardized management concept, it is committed to meeting the needs of consumers for high-end wooden doors. No matter from raw materials to product processing technology, or to product delivery inspection, every link is meticulous and rigorous, the quality of each wooden door is perfectly guaranteed, and efforts are made to practice the corporate mission of "the founder of a healthy life"

as we all know, ecological and environmental protection issues will not only affect people's life and health, but also affect the creation and appreciation of art. Xindijia meimumen's aesthetic appreciation of art is based on environmental protection, which is inseparable from the ecological environment. Whether aesthetic discussion, artistic creation or artistic research, the integration of art and environmental protection is conducive to the improvement of the overall quality of life and the harmony of "heaven, earth and man"

xindijia Meimu door adheres to the guidance of the perfect combination of art and humanistic home, and pays attention to original design. In recent years, relying on science and technology, xindijia Meimu door has been boldly innovated and strictly controlled product quality. It has been rated and awarded many honors, such as "super class enterprise in China's wooden door industry", "China green material environmental protection mark product (ten ring certification)", "executive vice president unit of China wooden door association", "national market, engineering wooden door enterprise product quality, after-sales service double commitment activity unit" and so on, And rely on strong financial strength, exquisite production technology, advanced modern management mode to provide high-quality products and services for customers at home and abroad





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