Preparation steps before decoration

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Preparation steps before decoration

>& gt;& gt; Check the decoration budget to prevent the trap of the decoration company

when you have the design scheme and decoration materials, you can consider who is responsible for the decoration, or do it yourself, or ask the decoration company. If the room decoration project is large, and you can't guarantee the quality and effect by yourself, you'd better find a decoration company

you can find a decoration company you are familiar with, ask a friend to introduce it, or go to several more companies to make an objective comparison

next, work together with the company to draw up a signed contract, which includes a work schedule and a method statement. Be sure to list all the notes one by one, discuss with the contractor item by item, and explain the construction degree and scope of work clearly. Don't be ambiguous, so that the contractor has an excuse to increase costs or shirk responsibility afterwards

it is better to have three copies of these construction instructions, work schedules and budget tables, one to the contractor, one to keep by yourself, and the other to be kept separately so as not to lose any evidence

the construction instructions should be attached with the space name and decoration items, and then the brand, number, color, size, and even the degree of wall painting or painting of the materials or samples should be clearly explained, so that in case the workers do not construct according to the drawings or delay the progress, the contractor can redo or improve according to the requirements

after confirming that the construction instructions are relatively perfect and that the contractor is a company with stable business and reputation, you can sign the contract. After the contract is awarded, it does not mean that everything is fine, because no matter how careful you are, there will still be omissions, and unexpected things will always happen. Therefore, it is best to visit the site every three or five times a week to find new problems, discuss with the contractor in time, exchange opinions, and make appropriate changes. Don't argue directly with the workers, and it is best to correct them through the supervisor

the method and time of payment should also be clearly written in the contract. The warranty period should be at least 3-6 months, and the last payment (about 10% of the total work price) can be paid only when there is no construction quality accident. But no matter what kind of payment method is adopted, please remember that the last amount must be paid in full after all the work is completed, fully meets the requirements, and is completed within the warranty period





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